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Tanto goes to Canada

Tanto Blacks and Bounty Killa - "killa glad fi see mi a fly out" "Canada mi a come..riich!" I have never mentioned him here, but i'm a big fan of  Tanto Blacks,  he cracks me up on instagram like so many of his over 50k followers. So consumed by his antics, visiting his IG page is a favorite pass-time of mine. This comedic, high energy dancehall entertainer whose 'slang' game is so strong, has landed a place among some of the hottest Dancehall artistes in my book and it was just a matter of time before Tanto start taking his whole entertainment package abroad. Well Tanto's announcement this week of his Canada appearance on IG @Tantolifestyle was everything, " Canada mi a come...riiiich ...., mi a pack mi suitcase yah , a doe kno which one fi carry but a gwine carry mi brown shoes..hat enuh! lol. Jamaicans came to know Tanto Blacks in 2010 when he entered and won popular local talent show Magnum Kings and Queens unleashing a slew of sl