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Chronixx Defend Dancehall Inspires Motivates Teaches as well as Embrace other Culture Dread and Terrible Tour East Coast

Chronixx Summer stage NYC " The music is called Reggae and Dancehall is the culture. Dancehall a revolutionary place because when disc jockey bwoy never waan play we music pon radio a Dancehall we haffi carry we music go play....  an waan set up Reggae verses Dancehall an all sort a bs and dat caan work ." ~Chronixx~   As Chronixx moves across the United States on his Dread and Terrible tour he continues to teach, inspire, uplift and advocate for the music of Jamaica. He takes time to embrace other music and culture during his performance as well as give thanks to the people for supporting him.  Check out Chronixx on the street, East Coast, "it's a very tough ting being on the road we, we were born to do this, we haffi kinda embrace it" he said click to watch #NIPnews: