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Bob Marley's 70th - A Global Call to Love/Now More Than Ever

Two live major reggae concerts are planned for Bob Marley's 70th earthday weekend February 6-7.  The 7-hour events will be held at The Mateel in Redway and Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California.  The events are more than celebrations of Bob Marley's 70th birthday, this is a global call to everyone to make the same commitment as Bob did - to devote our lives to healing this planet through love, forgiveness and justice. In addition to music performed by well-known recording artists - committed messages from well-known and not-so-well-known humanitarians forms part of the presentation. A Global Call To Love Now More Than Ever is the vision of Robert Roskind and co-host, his daughter Alicia.  Roskind is an event organizer and author who has hosted over 200 such events on Native American Reservations, in maximum-security prisons and Jamaica bringing conscious artists into inner cities schools and communities island-wide.  He also organized large public concerts in Kingston, Ja