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Crying in the Dark - Music Entertainers and Mental Health

It's a crisis! Like seriously and a topic many might overlook but the issue of mental depression and mental health is real among artists and needs to be addressed. In Jamaica or among Jamaicans mental health issues are only taken seriously when the illness is extreme and, stigmatized whenever persons display signs of it. Like any other profession with a high rate of success, working within the music industry can be stressful and very likely create mental health issues. Yes! While fans listen to music to relieve stress, the artists whose job is to create music that appeases their fans suffer from stress or stress-related issues. As I stumbled across another social media post, by a popular Jamaican artist  admitting to having to cope with mental health issues, this writer feels obliged to write about the subject in order to encourage other artists to speak up and get help. Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of, first a ccept there is a problem then move toward getti