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The Making of 'Winna' - A Lesson in Disguise shared by Chronixx Kelissa and Kamila McDonald

" How successful can you be at convincing people and even help people discover the winner inside them .." ~Chronixx~ Chronixx and sisters, Kellissa and Kamila McDonald shared an inspiring experience they had recording the single, 'Winna' by Kelissa ft. Chronixx. The two had to record, and have the track mixed and mastered before going on tour, " the whole session was intense " Kelissa said but  the unthinkable happened ..." the session got lost " after recording " computer know negligence we neva back up.... " Kelissa shared. By this time a worry-some Kamila tried to make sense of their delima, "everything about the song and the way it was recorded was perfect" she said, "and then how the hell you gone get it back to the perfect-ness.." ummh. On the subject of winning, motivational speaker and educator Shiv Khera said, winners don't do different things they do things differently; they put in the