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Toward a formal music industry

Jamaica land we love As we seek to uproot credible advancement, and in-roads made by those striving to broaden the scope of the Jamaican music industry, as well as, point those who seek  informative, innovative/ground-breaking, and positive music news in relations to this industry, New Image Promotions News ( #NIPnews ) see fit to highlight an article written by Gleaner Writer Melville Cooke  Arpil 21, which looks at the issues,concerns and prospects that augurs well for the introduction of a formal music industry in Jamaica and presented as follows:- While the topic is always thorny - this time around, it is prompted by a State of the Music Symposium at JAMPRO'S New Kingston offices, which I attended a few weeks ago. Immediately identifiable with Dr. Sonja Stanley Niaah of the University of the West Indies' (UWI) Institute of Culture Studies (ICS), part of its purpose is to inform policy which gives structure to a cultural product which we have stumbled on. However,