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Throw Back - Sophia George throws shade at 'too girlie girlie' men

Sophia George Sophia George is a Jamaican singer best known for her 1985 hit song, "Girlie Girlie" which peaked at No. 7 on the UK Top 10 chart.  Written by Sangie Davis, "Girlie Girlie"   is a tale about the philandering juvenile manipulating the opposite sex and  at the time of it's release  came when Sophia George was employed as a teacher for deaf children. By December of that year the record was released in the UK and crossed over into the pop chart, peaking at No. 7.  It also made the soundtrack for the 1989 American comedy, Going Overboard with actor Adam Sandler  playing the lead role. In 1986, Sophia George released a follow-up track titled, "Lazy Boy," originally a hit for Echo Minott . It made a minor impression in the pop charts and proved a favourable hit within the reggae market. The single was released as a double a-side with the carefully crafted "Can't Live Without You" track which demonstrated her fine vocal