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FanMail - Me and The Theory Of Reggaetivity

I never tried forcing music on myself I either like a song/album or I don't. It's not a subject, listening should not be hard on the ears. The moment I hear a song, I know whether or not I like it. It's like living in a moment, oblivious but attracted to elements or sounds that grabs me. First impressions last right?  So it is on that basis I determine what music or song I like and Assassin aka Agent Sasco's album, Theory Of Reggaetivity  gets a thumbs up from me as most of, if not all tracks hit me the right way hearing them for the first time. I love the variety and selection of rhythms, creativity and delivery of each track, the teachings and messages all presented as an album in live performance. Imagine driving along a highway, cruising and listening this music deep rooted in reggae and Jamaican/African culture, positive and wholesome. The sampling of the young Campbells (AC, LC and JC) voices on tracks, put a smile on my face.  If you follow Assassin on soc