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Chart Wise - Omi Hit #1 on Billboard's Canadian Top 100 Chart

Although after eight weeks he's yet to top the US Billboard Top 100 chart, Omi continues take up the #1 spot elsewhere. The Cheerleader singer now holds Canada's #1 spot on Billboard and now holds Top 20  with cheerleader. Samantha J post a nice move on "League of My Own" while Major Lazer scores a strong increase on Top 20 with "Lean On" Top 40: Swift Holds Top Spot: Guetta Top 3; Fifth Harmony Goes Top 5; Weeknd Now Top 10; Platten, Gomez Go Top 20: Demi Debuts Top 25 *TAYLOR SWIFT holds the top spot with "Bad Blood" and with 19,299 spins - up 242 spins * DAVID GUETTA enters the top 3 with "Hey Mama," featuring NICKI MINAJ and BEBE REXHA - up 1474 spins and moving 5* -3* *FIFTH HARMONY climbs inside the top 5 with "Worth It," featuring KID INK, up 7* -5* and moving up 1215 spins * THE WEEKND is top 10 in his fourth week on the chart with "Can't Feel My Face," rising 13* -9* and growing nearly 3000 spins

Moods - Insta Hot Picks

" Our Insta Hot Picks this week was inspired by reflections, different mood of some of our favourite artistes as they go about their daily routine.  Artistes are some of the most persistent people plus there is a lesson to be learned from everything around us so lets take a look at some posts and captions and in your own reflection see if there's anything you can take from it, see if it had any effect on your mood today ." #EnjoyDoingWhatYouLove - "Oh my God another video!!! One might ask what's there to learn about Busy Signal's pics and our answer is, Attitute.  Oh how we love those red bottoms too! Our first reaction to this post was a very broad smile you know the type that have you thinking #turnup yup, which would have changed our mood right? But interestingly we questioned his lil scheme, like what is he really up to? These shots were taken from yet another an un-named video shoot which marked several over the past weeks.  Is Busy Signal planni