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A Dislocated Shoulder Could Not Hinder I-Octane's Performance in Europe

I-Octane wearing an arm brace after hurting his shoulde r Not even an excruciatingly painful, dislocated shoulder could dampen the potency of I-Octane's performance while on his 'My Journey' tour across Europe. I-Octane during his performance at Reggae Geel in Belgium dislocated his shoulder during a performance where he was said to exuberantly jumped from the stage, missing his target and fell. Without missing a beat, I-Octane was said to have literally clambered back on stage and bravely performed for another 45 minutes without fans becoming aware of his agony and was called back to the stage on two encores by the Mcees. I-Octane in a release recalled screaming "No!" in his head when he was called back but went anyway and performed another song but after the second encore and following the same script he quickly put down the mic and told his team, "take me to the hospital now my shoulder is on fire" the report said. On Doctor's order I-O