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Daytime Radio broadcaster Richie B ends his contract with Mello FM

Veteran broadcaster Richard 'Richie B' Burgess ended his contract at Mello FM after two years. News broke last Friday that his stint with the station had come to an end due to a breakdown in prolonged contractual negotiations.  The " stalemate " as described by Richie B himself involved,  " a particular benefit that was included in   my   original contract was removed"  and that, he thought was " unjustifiable ." " I wish to thank the management and staff with whom I worked, for the leverage and latitude that I was given to present in what was a new slot for me and for their help in making the programme as successful as it turned out to be " Richie B said in a release. With him board, Mello FM boasted one of, if not the best line up of Daytime broadcasters in entertainment that included Ron Muschette and Barry G from 6am - 6pm each week across the island. The release also outlined the man behind the Jamaica Countdown Chart (JM