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Nigerian Mayor sings Reggae to raise funds for charity; Mojo Morgan adds his voice to the project

Major Chimbiko Iche Akarolo Chimbiko Iche Akarolo   became Mayor of Port Harcourt, the third largest city in Nigeria and seven (7) years  a fter being married . But within three (3) months of taking office  tragedy struck,  the Mayor lost his devout wife during childbirth due to a poor health system. Through this tragedy music became the bridge between politics, philanthropy and a foundation.   Chimbiko Iche Akarolo's formed CAF (Caroline Akarolo Foundation), which began as a memorial in honour of the Mayor's late wife who passed August 28, 2011, to support pregnant women and childcare. Mojo Morgan adds his voice to the cause                           Through their travels, musicians are often privileged to meet persons from all walks of life, hardcore fans, music lovers, politicians and even the occasional royalty.   Bonding through music, Mojo Morgan, the  youngest band member of  Morgan Heritage's  while journeying in Nigeria,  became acquainted with Port Harco