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Prince Buster Jamaican Music Pioneer - Ska Rocksteady Music Trends!

The only dance I ever saw my late dad did was ska he was stuck in that era.  I clearly remembered the expression on his face while dancing to Prince Buster's music. Dramatic! but happy, proud but very careful as he seemingly glided across the room, back bent, legs apart, arms swinging and like the veteran he taught he was, added a few new steps along the way. He would make an outburst from time to time like " aah! " and " yes !" so loudly he was shameless. Always smiling or laughing whatever that painful pleasant look in those moments was, nothing else mattered. My Dad's footsteps, were so carefully placed round about the space he was in that it seemed as if he had put careful taught in, ahead of making them, in a mere split of a second. He could make no mistake or, mis-stepped as he, " washed his troubles away " then " pick him up, n lick him dung den bunce right back what a haad man fi ded ." That's how I came to know of the gre