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Jamaica's Music Independence

Happy Independence Day Jamaica When Jamaicans got a taste of ska music on the verge of their independence in 1962, they just couldn't get enough of it. It was a different sound from anything heard before, the first uniquely Jamaican music to be widely recorded. Radios and record players became popular in Jamaica in the 1950s. Jamaicans became more exposed to American music, and developed a liking for American rhythm and blues. Large sound systems developed to fill the country's appetite for the latest American music. Record playing equipment, records and crew went in trucks to dance halls over Jamaica. Clement (Sir Coxsone) Dodd and Duke Reid (the Trojan) were the two giant sound system operators of that time. The extreme rivalry between them began in the dancehall, and continued into the studio as they both got involved in the recording business. Joining their ranks as record producers by about 1960, were Leslie Kong and Prince Buster, a singer whose vision for a truly