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It's Just Reggae for Dolli Difference

Dolli wid a Difference DWAD It's just reggae right now for Dolli Difference who is about to shoot a new video for track 'Lingerie' produced by Icon.  " I'm looking forward to the month of September, I have new and interesting materials to promote " Dolli said.  Among the new materials she will be promoting is a track she did with popular British artiste Gappy Ranks called 'Real Bad Girl' on the Tmar Production label. Dolli also anticipates the release of a single called, 'Self Esteem' by producer Duane Edwards of D-Dot Music.   D-Dot  @ duaneddot  ·  Aug 14 So pump for this new dolli diference I have to drop soon !!! Its fire for the girls them !!! @ DOLLIDIFFERENCE Overall the summer has been good for Dolli who is basking in the feedback she has been getting " it's encouraging " she said, " people tweeting, email or calling me with good news or just being supportive, praises to God ."  Dolli recently did