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Bramma Slams Producer "God Don't Like Ugly!"

As   Bramma   puts the finishing touch to his upcoming all reggae album he's making every effort to appease the fans with exciting tracks and warns, " some a di producer who forget who did help dem when dem was nobody, God don't like ugly "  The G.G.O.D Records leading artist told NIPnews " I t's just amazing how me establish longstanding work relationship with some real youth inna music who me meet along me journey compared to dem wey me and dem start out the same time and mi use mi likkle ratings dem time deh and help dem out, now mi can't even call dem " he said.   Very confident in the future of his music career Bramma said he has been following some news item and find himself in agreement with some issues Foota Hype and Laden been calling out, " mi nuh want a man feel sey mi a beg fren publicly dem fi kno a bun mi a bun dem out publicly!"    Bramma said recent travels to the UK and US reminded him of how far-reaching his music