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Buju Banton Road To Freedom A Stark Reminder of the Intensity of the 1978 One Love Peace Concert

Will Buju Banton's concert in Kingston on March 16th unite Jamaicans in the spirit of  patriotism? Will Jamaicans at home feel "purged" and inspired?  After being incarcerated for so many years one get the impression from just observing the gargamel in front the camera, that he is a changed man. His whole persona seems electrifying and judging from his music and no nonsense approach performing live, Jamaicans indeed might just witness the most intense live concert held in Kingston since 1978. Music, live reggae music in it's purest form is therapeutic. It's been years, more than 10 years since, Jamaicans and their Caribbean neighbors who have been entertained to the full extent, by every genre and sub-genres of dancehall, soca and reggae music, placed on high-alert in anticipation of a concert of the magnitude promised by Buju Banton. Not only is production expected to be exceptional in an era where technology is seemingly limitless, but the perf