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Princess and Queens Part 1 - A N.I.P. Black History Month Feature

Empress of Ethiopia 332 B.C. February is Black History month, the appropriate time to reflect on some great, black 'Princess and Queens' who made an indelible mark in history centuries ago. History proves that women have always played a significant roll in leadership, have stood up for what they believed in and fought for freedom, many have forgotten and/or undermine.  While great women are few in numbers compared to men historically, great Princess and Queens have lead by example, strong, smart and respected.  A trait, seemingly oblivious to some young women today. This and every Sunday during this month, February 2015, we take a moment to look at some of these great women, with hope of empowering even one young, strong black woman.   CANDACE - EMPRESS OF ETHIOPIA     or Ancient mother Amanirenas  (332 B.C.) Ethiopia pre-dated Egypt, and Egypt was a state of Ethiopia. Due to White and Asian invasions, the blacks lost lower Egypt, and after centuries of occupying upper