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"Inn Dem Feelings"
Papi Kat

9Voice Productions

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"Ghetto Life"
Papi Kat
9Voice Productions
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Sativa D Black 1
Charmb Productions
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Ra Deal 
Big Dreams Productions label
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We bring you the Forever 'lovers' anthem 
 "This Ya Love Is Here To Stay"  
The memorabilia 'Dancing 101 Albumby "Shaka Pow" and tribute to Jamaica's late dance icons Bogle and Ice. The 25 track list includes the #1 dance tracks 'Rubba Bounce' ft. Samboni , 'Move Dem Up' ft. Docta Bird and 'Gully Creepa'  Click to Download
Nah Fight Ova Man by Sophia Squire is produced by Bredroc Label and one of her more popular singles because it continues to garner support from females across the world Click to Download

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    Historic Buju Banton Long Walk To Freedom First Concert Jamaica

    An estimated 35,000 strong came out to witness the historic Buju Banton's first live concert in Jamaica, March 16th, 2019 . After be...