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Need Promotional Service? Let Us Do It For You...

Publicity and promotion are key elements in getting exposure, creating awareness for growth and development. At New Image Promotions we pride ourselves in creating and executing favorable promotion campaigns to yield desirable results for all of our clients. Tell us what you need and we will put your mind at ease.



1.  Music Marketing and Promotion 
2.  Artiste Development 
3.  Music Administration (legal service from our in-house Attorney)
4.  Street Promotion (Jamaica only)
5.  Brand and Image building
6. Office Administration  (Press Release, Letter Drafting & other Correspondence, Biography)
Promotional packages are designed specifically to suit each client's need

Ask about other services we provide such as:-
1) Label Service
2) Event Planning/Promotion and Execution
 For further information send email to

Are you an upcoming, independent artist? Would you like to get featured on our website?  Send us a copy of your biography, a professionally taken photograph, your social media handles, and music links in one email for consideration. If approved you will get featured on  "TRACK INDIE ARTISTS" Email us at

The N.I.P. Motto
'From Start to Stardom!'

"From Start to Stardom" is a commitment. Our quest is to assist in the ongoing process of developing artists for the Reggae/Dancehall music industry

Music Promotion is an essential service. No artist should ever underestimate the benefits of promoting his/her music through every channel available.  New Image Promotions has provided music promotion services for popular Jamaican artists such as Macka Diamond, I-Octane, RDX, Alaine Laughton, Fantan Mojah, Tafari, Nesbeth FromStart2Stardom.  This company has been operational for over 10 years and is registered with the Registrar General of Jamaica. 

New Image Promotions has built a credible relationship with media representatives over the years and, continues to increase our mailing list and media contacts across the world. Working with New Image Promotions guarantees success.  Contact us! Let's get to work and help you grow from 'Start to Stardom!" 

The Musician's Fact Corner
I5 Most Annoying, Ineffective Ways Artistes Seem to Always Promote Their Music
Whether it's posting in an inappropriate forum or bombarding followers with the same message, don't be one of those musicians who ticks off people in an effort to gain more fans. That rings extremely counterproductive, right? It is.  Here are our top five ways musicians make eyes twitch with annoying promo. Please, if you're guilty of any of these maddening methods - STAWP!
Click here to see the 5 reasons

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