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The Review - Inezi Pain and Pleasure

Contributed - Balance is the word I would use to describe this ' Pain and Pleasure' EP by Inezi . With relatable topics, the EP explodes open with ' Refuse to be You ' an upbeat rhythm with lyrics describing social issues and introducing Inezi's irregular sound, can it get any more real than this? The opening track ' Refuse To Be You ' sets the tone for the EP , keeping you in suspense about where Inezi will carry his voice-over of these beautiful melodies. 'Scatter Me Now' forces you to connect with your emotions and search your personality; making sure that your integrity is intact. Inezi delicately rides the rhythm while his voice gently blends with the musical tones. Yes, this EP has me excited! Excited for the new sound, excited for the content of meaningful lyrics, and excited for the opportunities that will become available to the artiste upon the release of this EP . Over a roots/dub rhythm ' Blame Me ' exposes thought-provokin