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'The Experience' is Breath Taking Lila Ike!

I spy a natural super-star once again emerge and she is Jamaican singing reggae. The music from Lila Ike is breath-taking and has been from day one but having a body of her work to listen, 'The Experience' is simply awesome.

Social media is disrupted, the reviews are heart-warming surely a proud moment for reggae music lovers, having a trendy female soul-singer with a melody that melts you and an authentic, down-to-earth vibe that naturally depicts the uptown, downtown, and around-town Jamaican females.  Her tracks touch on subjects that matter, are relatable but clean.

Through music Etana project the personalities of a set of females in Jamaica, so does Queen Ifrika, Koffee, Jah 9, Spice, Shensea, Shuga, and Jada Kingdom to name a few, all in a class by themselves. But it has been a while since we've heard the consistency of a Dawn Penn or JC Lodge type of music and melody complemented with content that's girlie, rootsy, rustic (if I may), and classy within a body of songs by one of our ladies.  

Congratulations Lila Ike and the Indiggnation team for your music and effort in re-birthing one of the authentic nature of the reggae genre. For achieving a record deal with major label RCA and at this time of writing, holding the Number 1 spot on iTunes.  It seems this is just the beginning of greater things to come. 

The music has evolved over the past 10 years, even in a minuscule way, there is much to be thankful for like the fact that the Jamaican music industry is experiencing an upsurge in female talents who are poised for international recognition. What is even more interesting is the fact that each holds her own, creating her own niche and crunching numbers.

And yet, there is so much more to be done, so much more that is worthy of note but let's get out of quarantine with a new attitude that of supporting each other. Start with streaming "The Experience EP" by Lila Ike, play it loud in our homes, encourage our females, lift them up as they lift each other up. The industry can never be the same again and here is a great moment of an opportunity to implement change.

Written by Sophia McKay
For NIPnews