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A March Release Date for Jah9''s 3rd Upcoming Studio Album

Fans of the eclectic Jamaican roots-reggae and jazzy singer Jah9, awaits with high expectation, the release of "Note To Self" the 3rd studio album promised by this very special artist whose music catalog is nothing short of an audiobook of doctrine, poems, love stories, and phrases to be treasured.

Jah9's self-consciousness is an admirable quality and she selflessly shares her vision and knowledge through music speaking to the minds and hearts of those who care to listen. When the first single "MAAT" from the album was released it sets the tone for what should be another interesting, motivating and inspiring musical journey with this princess. Regarding the track a publication on her website states, "Jah9 discusses some of the principles of balance, order, and justice that transfer over from her yoga practice with similar teachings.'  Yes indeed, a balance that is necessary to re-energize one's own spirit.

'Note To Self' would have appropriately fit the name of Jah9's last two albums combined but obviously, she has much more to share and we are so grateful. Keep them coming princess, the world awaits. 

Sophia McKay