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Bramma Drops "Belly A The Beast" Single From Upcoming Album

Reggae/dancehall recording artist Bramma aka Brammaggod has finally released the first single, Belly A The Beast from his highly touted all reggae album produced by Riddim Force Records and distributed by VPAL.  On this Belly A The Beast single, the deejay was able to distinctly bring across an insightful view on serious social issues into the stream of musical education and of considerable advantage for the presentation of an all reggae album. Reggae music in its authentic form eloquently foreshadows the concept of a just society and protests the absence. This trait was correctly demonstrated on the track. " Whey di option whey dem give di poor man .." Bramma asked in the introduction, to support his argument that the system has turned many into victims and, coupled with a hard-hitting beat he went on to describe some of the outcomes of a failed system, " now a youth educated with his bachelors' top ranks a pree fi go rob banks .." In a solemn voic