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Is Foota Hype Purpose Driven Or Attention Seeking?

If you don't stand for something, you fall for anything. One of Jamaica's music industry most controversial selector, popularly known as Foota Hype, the self-titled Viral King has been called out on several occasions for speaking his mind on topical issues most people believes he should at least withhold his opinion. However, Foota Hype in his own defense said he is only doing what is right and stand his ground because  "I'm doing God's work " he said. Suffice to say Foota Hype denounce Jesus Christ as the true God as in his belief the story of Jesus was construed to mislead those who believe it. His blatant and unapologetic views have wrought many persons but on the contrary, Foota Hype has been applauded for his bravery to publicly speak on the issues he addresses by many of his followers. Women, men, and even children tune into his Instagram live story daily, one woman said, " I have two sons and every evening when he goes live I call them t

Jesse Royal Announces His Palace Pikney Foundation

" Your Dreams and Aspirations belong to you; they came to you and they will manifest through you... " ~Jesse Royal~ Education is normally thought of as the process by which the formalized knowledge of a society is passed on to its young through institutions of learning of one sort or another. However, it is important to seek to instill a spirit of self-confidence individually and collectively as well as train young people to accept the spirit of social co-operation as the foundation of overall success and, as a natural result of social awareness .  With the intent to initiate change and further help  to culturally develop the minds of young Jamaicans, reggae firebrand Jesse Royal is set to launch his  Palace Pikney Foundation , " we realize there is a depreciation of cultural appreciation within our society and have undertaken this initiative with a desire to give back to the youths of Jamaica " he said. Adamant about being hands-on with this foundat