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5 Intense Jamaican Female Artists to Withstand 2020 and Beyond

When you contemplate reasons to continue supporting Jamaica's music, the women more than often are overlooked especially those who are bent on keeping roots-reggae culture alive. We pay homage to queens such as  Queen Ifika, Lady G, Junie Ranks and Sista Nancy who fought hard over the years but is still holding their own. Now, we are excited about the future because we can list a number of young females who are trendy, talented and consistent with doing this music effortlessly. 

Like an evolution, year 2020 seems more prospective for authentic roots-reggae music by a Jamaican female artist which gives hope of a bright future for reggae and dancehall music genres in it's authentic form. These ladies are unique, seemingly unified and proud about their African heritage. We are excited about their future and take this moment to highlight them as a way of encouraging others like them to come forward and stand out. Thank you Protoje and Indiggnation for putting in work, trying to keep the legacy of these great music genres alive and big up to the ladies for believing in themselves, it's all coming together. 

1. Lila Ike - Where I'm Coming From

2. Sevanna - Justice

3. Naomi Cowan - Paradise Plum

4. Jaz Elise - For You

5. Aza Lineage -Kill Them With a Sound

When all is said and done this is reggae and dancehall, traditional yet non-traditional when compared to the works of other artists today. Unique because the riddims, image and sounds replicate the traditions of authentic reggae and dancehall music that will stand the test of time. This music, these genres reggae and dancehall are already set in stone. It is what it is!

written by Sophia McKay


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