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"You Got Me" This Is It Marvin Binns

Marvin Binns 2019
Jamaican singer/songwriter Marvin Binns seems to have found himself a hit with the release of his latest song entitled, "You Got Me" produced by Sunny Island Records.  The track, a fusion of RnB, Afro-beat and dancehall styles instantly became a hot topic on social media when the Ambition crooning singer dropped the preview. 

Over the past few months, Binns has been busy in the studio working on "Statement" EP to appease fans with free access to his music compilation. "Statement" EP was therefore released on SoundCloud featuring five (5) fun and exciting tracks every music fan would enjoy.

But as fans get into this EP that was gifted to them in an appreciation the Marvin Binns team prepared for the release of this smash single, "You Got Me" to intentionally raise the bar for their expectations of his music from here on. 

When NIPnews asked why this song is so special Marvin Binns said, "this song is honest in every way, it's on the next level. It is a true experience with me and a young lady that gave me the idea for the longest time but I just wanted to find a way to articulate it in the right manner. So I took my time to bring it across so that people could be receptive and have a better feel of it I kinda mix the different genres to appeal to a broad base and so far you know I mean, it's like everybody is loving it and I'm feeling proud of my work."

Sunny Island Record label is also basking in the positive reception the track is getting as it is the label's first official production with Marvin Binns. Label boss Brilliant said of the inspiration behind the riddim, "Candy Rush riddim was created to bring a mixed vibe to the dancehall audience specifically targeting women. I wanted something that will divert the attention of thug and war music to rekindling a vibe to make the ladies feel good about themselves." 

'You Got Me' by Marvin Binns is essentially different. It is soft, soulful and rugged at the same time. It is music that appeals to a broad audience and ignites a feeling of happiness when listening to it. Everybody loves to love and this is what 'You Got Me' is all about. 

Written by Sophia McKay