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Jesse Royal Announces His Palace Pikney Foundation

"Your Dreams and Aspirations belong to you; they came to you and they will manifest through you..." ~Jesse Royal~

Education is normally thought of as the process by which the formalized knowledge of a society is passed on to its young through institutions of learning of one sort or another. However, it is important to seek to instill a spirit of self-confidence individually and collectively as well as train young people to accept the spirit of social co-operation as the foundation of overall success and, as a natural result of social awareness

With the intent to initiate change and further help to culturally develop the minds of young Jamaicans, reggae firebrand Jesse Royal is set to launch his Palace Pikney Foundation, "we realize there is a depreciation of cultural appreciation within our society and have undertaken this initiative with a desire to give back to the youths of Jamaica" he said.

Adamant about being hands-on with this foundation the Lion Order roots-reggae entertainer will be dedicating some of his time to personally interact with kids at each sitting, "the far-reaching potential of such a venture can positively inspire not just the youths of Jamaica but children of African descent across the world who have been deprived of knowledge of their history and how to maneuver across societies in order to bring about a balance within their own lives" he said.

The Palace Pikney Foundation will begin charting its course by way of engaging students at the early childhood and primary education levels in a setting known as "Circle Time" that has already been introduced to some local schools. Jesse Royal's Palace Pikney Foundation is asserting, however, that each experience will be different, "we will be reading books from local authors as well as integrate the Jamaican dialect in our storytelling" said a representative. "It is our intention to utilize reggae music and beats so that students can be more involved in the process creatively while simultaneously learning the various aspect of their culture"

This reading initiative, in a nutshell, is to excite young people enough to be willing to invest their time and energy in the youth and help people who want to help but don't have the necessary resources. When asked what help is needed a representative said, "We will need books of course and other aid to make this all worthwhile but what is most important to Jesse is getting this project up and running.

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written by Sophia McKay