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Historic Buju Banton Long Walk To Freedom First Concert Jamaica

An estimated 35,000 strong came out to witness the historic Buju Banton's first live concert in Jamaica, March 16th, 2019. After being incarcerated in the United States for 8 years, dressed in full white, a somber looking Gargamel, Buju Banton walked on stage at the National Stadium in Kingston to thunderous applause, opening his set in prayer like manner singing, "On Bending Knees" and belted out lyrics "have mercy on me oh lamb of God" before launching into his set. No other live concert held in Jamaica has topped this one, it was the greatest one night show ever held in Jamaica since the 1978 Bob Marley Peace Concert and Virtual TV shared some reviews watch!

Buju Banton's next performance will be in Barbados, April 12.

Sophia McKay