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Sativa D Black 1 Makes Reggae & Dancehall Entertainment His to Own

Sativa D Black 1 has taken the Jamaican entertainment scene. Working at his game for the past two years, the CharmB Production artist is that reggae/dancehall entertainer who lifts a crowd to its highest heights! At the annual Red Rose For Gregory concert held in Kingston on February 16th, The 'Petty Thief singer and fellow artist Khausion gave a satisfying performance before a Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle's eagerly awaited crowd.

Dressed in a red and white ensemble with red matching shoes,  Sativa D Black 1 wasted no time (although a little hoarse) getting the attention of his audience. In collaboration, Sativa and Khasion (who he was advertised to perform with) delivered a rendition of the late Gregory Issacs' hit single, 'Tune In' and the crowd was delighted watch below!

The St. Catherine born roots and culture recording artist has developed a pattern to entertain that works for him. The hardworking self-made entertainer took on the streets plugging his "Petty Thief" track until it became an anthem for his setsAt every show, regardless of the kind, Sativa D Black 1 brought his A-game showing off some crazy stage antics, dramatic expressions, hilarious dance moves and story telling gimmicks. His performance style is unique plus he adopts the ability of crafting lyrics in the moment which usually result in huge encores.

At the 2018 Sound Di Alarm Festival, held in Linstead St. Catherine, Sativa D Black 1 closed the year with a bang! His hometown crowd saw a Star come alive and was so entertained, they had him called back three (3) times to the stage, as if they could not get enough.

Since his re-emergence to the entertainment scene in 2016 under the management of CharmB Productions, Sativa D Black 1 took a no-nonsense approach to his performance. No stage was ever too small, or a crowd diverse to dampen his mood. Awarded the 2018 Wolde Uprisings, Youth In Progress, "International Reggae Music Award Of Merit" in Canada, Sativa D Black 1's music implores the larger society to pay attention to what is happening to the poor and needy. On his 'Boardhouse and Zinc Fence' single he paints a positive outlook on youths living within the confines of board houses and zinc fences. His track entitled 'Elders,' demand answers from child molesters while 'Petty Thief' comically pivots the scale making light of a bad situation, "a stolen pair of shoes!" Other promising singles/tracks released by Sativa D Black 1 are 'Foreign Mind,' 'Ungrateful', 'Check On I', 'Wrong Move' and 'Dem Never Want We Reach'. 

As his music breaks ground in France, Germany, Kenya and Ghana, fans are calling for the former footballer. Manager Charmaine Bailey has sought to have all interested promoters and agents contact New Image Promotions for bookings, "We have a team regardless of what some may think. CharmB Productions is structured and Sativa D Black 1 is officially signed. We have brokered agreement with New Image Promotions to undertake booking and publicity for him. That agreement stands and so I want every one who has been making inquiry about Sativa D Black 1's management and availability to contact CharmB Productions or the Agency." 

Sativa D Black1 is a worker. He enjoys doing his job and works even harder because his interest is community development, "Suffering is terrible! Nuff times mi give away mi last dollar because mi know some suffer more than some. Some people are hopeless and its not by choice. Some people cannot even begin to think about a future much less envision one, what do you say to that person?" 

CharmB Productions company will officially announce an album release for Sativa D Black 1 in the near future. Until then, fans can enjoy the music and seek out the current, 'Never Want We Reach' single produced by Full Charge Records. To get updated or stay up-to-date, follow Sativa D Black 1 on social media @sativadblack1 Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud. Management @charmbproductions Booking @newimagepromo or email:

By: Sophia McKay