Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Say "Yes" If You Are Still Rocking These Dancehall Fyah From 2017

Breeezeee!!!! Amidst the crime upsurge that plagued sections of Jamaica, several artists got creative and released songs that kept my faith restored in dancehall music. 

These tracks stayed on my favourite music list all year long in 2017 and is still doing it in 2018 and of course, be it positive, uplifting or lighted hearted the following artists came through for us and we want them to know we appreciate the effort. 

1. Popcaan featuring Dre Island "We Pray" 

2. Wayne Marshall and Bugle - 

3. Agent Sasco "Winning Right Now"

4.Shane O - A Million

5.Breeze by Aidonia and Govanna 

6. Likes by Chronixx
7. Ding Dong - Fling You Shoulders

8. Aidonia - Yeah Yeah

9. JaDore - Cologne

10. Ding Dong - Genna Bounce/Flairy ft. Bravo

Sophia McKay

Bounty Killer In The Spirit Of Giving Makes Donation To Kingston Public Hospital

In the spirit of giving Dancehall general, Rodney "Bounty Killer" Pryce donated 60 beds to the Kingston Public Hospital. According to his Instagram post the beds were handed over to hospital officials by the Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton.

The hardcore dancehall veteran openingly expressed how it felt handing over the beds in a post he said, " feeling grateful to do things like these sharing is caring and giving is receiving despite how small it might be.." This undertaking by Bounty Killer now stands at three (3), the number of local hospitals to have benefited from donations from an artiste since the start of the year. 

The Shaggy Make A Diffence Foundation donated a whopping $100 million to The Bustamante Hospital For Children and Iba Mahr donated J$200,000 to the Linstead Hospital.

Since 2001 The Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation has donated possibly over US$200 million as well as equipments to include an Electroencephalogram (EEG) machine and Table Top Sterilizing machine, funded the Medical Oxygen System, Funded the beautification of the Administration Block at the hospital and collaborated with Scotia Bank Jamaica to create a park and recreation area on the hospitals' complex. This year Shaggy's donations goes toward the improvement of an ICU. 

This is as good as any time to also make mention of other artistes who have in the past two (2) years created charities giving back to the communities such as, Cherine Anderson for The Cherine Anderson Reach One Child (ROC) to aid 6th Grade students at Primary level, Aidonia's One Voice Foundation to assist students with educational challenges, Konshens Adopt A Cause Charity Foundation and Mr. Vegas Euphoria Charity Concert and Food Drive which aided The Mustard Seed Community in Kingston as reported on this blog...(click here to read more)
Bounty Killer

An encouraging Shaggy in his reaction to Bounty Killer's effort had this to say on his Instagram, "Big respect to the 5 Star General @grunggaadzilla....this is what I'm talking about" and of cource, we share the same sentiments, "it's a good look Bounty Killer, each one reach one!"

#NIPnews  Read also: Shaggy Make a Difference - Support the Charities
Sophia McKay

Monday, February 5, 2018

Remembering an Icon As If He Were Alive Today - The Great Bob Marley

photo credit: Steven Fishwick
Black (His-Story) - Freedom fighter, legend, Revolutionary, King of Reggae, Rastafarian, lion, motivator, inspirator, spiritual. 

Seventy-three (73) years after his passing the legendary Bob Marley still makes the news. On his day, February 6th we remember the King of Reggae with 2018 news highlights, music videos, interviews, and quotes.

Bob Marley statue for Zimbabwe
Story image for bob marley from Crixeo (press release) (blog)
Crixeo (press release) (Blog) - 14 hours ago

One year before Bob Marley's untimely death, and just over 100 years since the Berlin Conference (when Africa was divided by colonial European powers), Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) declared it's independence from...(click link above to read full article)
Bob Marley statue for Zimbabwe
Nehanda Radio 
Daily New - Harare: Bob Marley statue for Zimbabwe 

Buying a Piece of Bob Marley's Song Catalog, and His Enduring
New York Times - Jan 13, 2018
Story image for bob marley from New York TimesWhen Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, first met a journeyman musician named Bob Marley in 1972, he had a feeling that the young man might find success. "He had a kind of aura about him," Mr. Blackwell, 80, recalled in a recent interview. "I had an idea that he could have an impact." (click link above to read full article)
Primary Waves Acquires Share of Bob Marley's Music Catalog
Billboard Jan 13, 28

"My Richness is life forever" - ~Bob Marley~

"What is hidden from the wise and the prudent will be revealed to the babe and the sucklingPress Conference Bob Marley's UN Peace Medal Acceptance

What Bob would sing about now - Jr. Gong, Scratch Perry suggest
Jamaica Gleaner 
As the world prepares to mark the 73rd anniversary of Bob Marley's birth tomorrow, many persons can't help but wonder what the Gond would be singing about today, had his life not been cut short by cancer 37 years ago. Damian Jr. Gong' Marley, Bob's last born son and recipient of the 2018 Best Reggae..(click link above to read full article)

Bob Marley Billboard Reggae Album Chart
Nation News
"Vintage Years", 1 10-track compilation by Bob Marley released on January 12 by JA Records, has given the reggae icon his 59th entry on the Billboard Reggae Album Charts 

Sophia McKay

Kabaka Pyramid Calls For The Break Down Of Borders On New Single "Borders" Feat. Stone Bwoy

Following the release of single, "Can't Breathe" Kabaka Pyramid is set to release another entitle, "Borders" from his upcoming debut album, Kontraband.

The single is a collaboration between the ever-evolving reggae artist and Ghanaian Afro-Beat and the United Nations High Commision For Refugees (U.N.H.C.R.) ambassador, Stone Bwoy, a production of 2018 Reggae Best Album Grammy recipient Damian "Junior Gong" Marley. 

The voice of Kabaka Pyramid is heard almost in a plea for change in breaking down borders and unite as one nation, "...Each human being deserves a place to call their own, yet so many have to journey far from home, little children in the darkness all alone seeking freedom, it's about time we break those borders down, there's too much segregation we're all a part of one nation." 

According to a release, Kabaka Pyramid draws inspiration for this song from the ongoing refugee crisis around the world. However, sounding his voice on those issues is to enlighten and bring awareness to the masses, "I wanted to do this song because we as human beings need to do something about the refugee crisis around the world. It's a shame to see the level of separation displayed by governments and people when now is the time for unity. I also wanted to connect with my African family so I'm grateful that Stone Bwoy could lend his voice to the song and vision. We're looking forward to big things this year and this song is the way we wanted to start it off!"

Source: Press Release