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Nesbeth Tours USA Ahead Of Official AMEN album release

In anticipation of the release of his debut album A.M.E.N., reggae recording artist Nesbeth is embarking on a promotional tour that will see him perform in the continental U.S.A. and Jamaica.

Among the singles ofF A.M.E.N. album on rotation worldwide "Remove My enemies", and "Trial" featuring dancehall star Popcaan, the feedback from fans and reggae music industry has been exciting and positive.

"The album is a mix of inspiration, upliftment, social comment and love song...I am very glad I accepted the opportunity to review A.M.E.N. as I now have a deep appreciation of the talent of Nesbeth" Jen Cheshire, Island Stage Magazine.

With fans eagerly awaiting both the album and slated shows, Nesbeth deep connection for A.M.E.N. is the usual excitement of a debut album. With "A.M.E.N." being the acronym for the artist beloved late wife Ann Marie Elliot Nesbeth who passed away. Nesbeth who passed away, Nesbeth hopes that the personal connection to it will translate to music lover. Speaking on what patrons can expect of his show the recording artist explained "they can expect something they have never seen heard or feel before. I am eager to perform my new music, but of course I will also be performing my classic. I aim to make this an experience." A.M.E.N. drops October 26th, 2018.