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Irie 2018 Reggae/Dancehall Albums Out Now

Popcaan - credit Rollingstone 
We are now midyear 2018 and several albums by some of our favourite Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall artists have made our "constant rotation" playlist.  Be it social commentary, gimmicks or hardcore, their message is clear. For us, the culture, realistic views, and opinions of these bold and artistic Jamaican entertainers have caught our attention so we share the list with you and hope you are also listening. If not, don't take our word for it, download or pick up a copy and check them out for yourself.

1.  FOREVER by Popcaan - the most recent is now doing its rounds. It's Rollingstone feature best capture our own views of reasons why this album grows on you... "We've all been there. It's a summer party, in any of its myriad varieties: a house party, a roof party, a basement party, a pool party, a barbecue, a cookout, a kickback, a wedding reception, an engagement party, a baby shower; it doesn't matter. You're having fun, it's nice outside, but there's a problem at hand. The music isn't right. Either someone just threw on a Spotify playlist of the streaming economy's answer to Top 40 radio or, worse, a man with a T-shirt tucked into cut-offs and Vans has commandeered the aux and is doing an objectively terrible job with unnerving confidence. Things need to change. You can be that change.

The problem, as it were, becomes your own: What do you play? it's a stressful question for even the savviest music connoisseurs, with a maze of questions to land on something that both makes you look cool and, more importantly, makes everyone happy. There are infinite choices and not enough time to choose. Never fear, because as of today I have a solution for you. Just play Popcaan's new album Read more....

2. A MATTER OF TIME by Protoje - It's been 3 years already since Ancient Future and that's astounding because we are still listening and loving that album. Now it's "A Matter Of Time" and, according to the respected Billboard Writer Ms. Pat Meschino, this album:-
"Known for his complex, blistering lyrics addressing various societal injustices, delivered in hypnotic chanted-sung vocals, reggae artist Protoje will release A Matter of Time, the long awaited followup to his acclaimed 2015 album Ancient Future, on June 29, Billboard can reveal.  

Recorded primarily at the Marley family owned Tuff Gong studios, in Kingston, Jamaica, A Matter of Time, Proteje's fourth album, is a joint release between his In.Digg.Nation Collective, producer Phillip "Winta" James' Overstand Entertainment and (in North America) reggae independent Easy Star Records Read more...

3. KONTRABAND by Kabaka Pyramid - Lyrically inclined, Kabaka Pyramid delivered on this album, one just can't get enough of. Kontraband stays right there in our top 5 most played because of its substantial and edifying content.

Writer Gardy Stein in his review had this to say,.."The Lyrics Deity presents a skill honed into perfection and creates a universe of words which, even after a fourth and fifth run-through, has not ceased to reveal its multi-layered complexity to the listener (me, in that case). Of course y'all know the ironic word-play of Well Done, and also Can't Breathe, the release of which as first single was no coincidence, as it is dealing with important and critical issues, is a textual master-piece: "Many can't spell but a dat dem have we under..." Special mention in this context deserve the self-worth-boosting Natural Woman and, most of all, the scorching title track Kontraband, where the lyrial genius of Kabaka is joined by the equally competent Damian Marley who is also responsible for the production of the powerful riddim..."  Read more

4. REGGAE FOREVER by Etana - Adds the 
sauce to our playlist for sure. Etana's creativity on this self-produced album is admirable. Each track grows on you and of course, she's got the voice. Etana, "You're The One" who did that and it's forever reggae.  Thank you!

The music certainly does not stop here but the body of work is certainly appreciated. If there is any lesson to learn from these artists it is to believe in yourself, work hard and keep it pushing!