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Celebrating 6 Of Our Favourite Female Reggae Artists On International Women's Day

"I kept my culture. I kept the music of my roots. Through my music I became this voice and image of Africa and the people without even realising," ~Miriam Makeba~

As the local reggae industry continue to present talented women of the genre to the rest of the world, local music fans seems to become more engaging with conscious reggae music by female artist as oppose to just loving one artist over the others as it was in the past. More sistas are proudly representing their african-ness as the larger society also embrace this trait. So on this day when women are celebrated, we would like to highlight some female reggae artists who've made favorable impact on our own lives.

These lovely ladies, the Queen of Reggae Ms. Marcia Griffiths and Princess, Nadine Sutherland represents the essence of reggae and it's offspring 'Dancehall' in a wholesome way from then until now. Don't they put a smile on your face? 

Queen IfrikaA Strong black woman whose commanding stage presence measures up to any of her male peers. Her music speaks to real issues be it love, relationship, hardship or injustice. Today we want you to know we appreciate you, long live the queen.

Sophia Squire - Simple but talented and we were reminded just how recently listening an interview on Stockade Radio with the Tenstar General who decided to share with his audience a single called "Secret Lover" off her 2014 Chapter 1 Rythm and Soul EP distributed by VPAL. Arguably Squire is one Jamaica's best female reggae singer/songwriter right now in the business and most under-rated. But we believe in you! You are gonna get there girl, just don't lose hope!

Where is Miss Etana? This songstress is expected to release her brand new album entitled, "Reggae Forever" on this day March 8, 2018, International Women's Day, and we look forward to hear what she has in store for us. From birth Etana whose name means "the strong one" in Swahilli, was given the charge to overcome when she was named. Keep smiling Etana, your smile looks good on you.

Our new favourite is the Princess Jah9, a powerhouse of consciousness. This roots-reggae sista has awaken a new level of roots, reggae consciousness that is empowering and refreshing. I was introduced to her by a young female university student whom Jah9 has transformed into a full blown roots-reggae fan with her soul-ful, poetic songs that touches the soul. Keep it pushing princess we are proud of you, thank you for your unwavering display of black consciousness.

Thank you all for keeping the genre alive bringing your individual style and talent and truly identify with our African ancestry.

To all women, whether you are black or white, other race or creed. This is our day let us celebrate it in love. One love from Sophia McKay, at New Image Promotions.

Sophia McKay