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Say "Yes" If You Are Still Rocking These Dancehall Fyah From 2017

Breeezeee!!!! Amidst the crime upsurge that plagued sections of Jamaica, several artists got creative and released songs that kept my faith restored in dancehall music. 

These tracks stayed on my favourite music list all year long in 2017 and is still doing it in 2018 and of course, be it positive, uplifting or lighted hearted the following artists came through for us and we want them to know we appreciate the effort. 

1. Popcaan featuring Dre Island "We Pray" 

2. Wayne Marshall and Bugle - 

3. Agent Sasco "Winning Right Now"

4.Shane O - A Million

5.Breeze by Aidonia and Govanna 

6. Likes by Chronixx
7. Ding Dong - Fling You Shoulders

8. Aidonia - Yeah Yeah

9. JaDore - Cologne

10. Ding Dong - Genna Bounce/Flairy ft. Bravo

Sophia McKay