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Yeshwa - Please Brother You're Causing Havoc In Our Society

While most are familiar with the popular Reggae and Dancehall vibe out of Jamaica there are times when the island produce artistes whose music borderline the popular genres and are just as interesting. One such, is an artiste called "Yeshwa"singer, musician and producer, whose music is refreshing, toned and easy on the ears.

As Jamaica wrestle with scant suicide cases and serious crime issues such as, domestic violence that leads to death and a series of unsolved murders against women, many Jamaicans have come out on their social media pages denouncing the violent acts. The artiste "Yeshwa" supposedly overwhelmed by it all, dropped a mind boggling song called, "Cut Her Loose" just around the same time reports of women gone missing and found dead surfaced along with a follow up video that spiraled across social media as many seemed to share his sentiments.

The track is a definite cut to the chase, it captured the typical relationship woes victims go through, deception, rejection, mis-trust and pressure all medicine that  contributes to suicidal thoughts, "cause the thing you a pree fi do har it nuh mek no sense" to that Yeshwa advise, "nuh badda kill youth Cut Her Loose" he sings.

But as he promotes his music, "Cut Her Loose" and the party themed single, "My Drink" it has become obvious that he has a special interest in the issue of violence again women in Jamaica.  He along with management team Amrit Records has been working assiduously to help spread encouraging words across the society. "Cut Her Loose" is no joke, from inception it was intended to bring about a change in the person experiencing the problem. It's strong message to men challenged with relationship woes they are unable to fathom is also a plea offering preventative measures to save lives. Not often enough do we hear songs pleading to the male population to resist, stand up and be strong in domestic matters. Cut Her Loose, walk away or simply let her go is Yeshwa's message because, "no real man abuse a woman..." and to men raping women and children, "....please brother you're causing havoc in our society.." Yeshwa.