Thursday, April 21, 2016

50 Years Since Haile Selassie I Visited Jamaica

Ras Tafari community and others acknowledges the auspicious visit to Jamaica of King Of Kings of Ethiopia, Elect Of God, Negusa Nagast Haile Selassie I 50 years ago April 2, 1966. 

"This your first visit to Jamaica is one of, your Majesty, a most important and significant event. We have long hoped for this occasion and your presence with us today is assuredly your Majesty, a high point in our history" ~ Acting Prime Minister Donald Sangster. The Emperor presented 'gold medallions' to Rastafarians.

Haile Selassie I - "The legend... One of the world best known figure and faces and one that most of us knew least about....Father figure of modern Africa in relic of a vanishing world.... One of the last claimants to the divine right of Kings, the legendary descendant of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba"...more

ThrowBack - 10 Radio Friendly Vybz Kartel All Time Favorites

1. Summertime

2. Jeans and Fitted - Kartel ft. Rvssian 

3. Clarkes - ft. Popcaan and Vanessa Bling

4. Bad Reputation - (den if mi gaan a prison who ago care fi mi young son)

5. Life We Living - (is a betta way we seeking)

6. Life Sweet - (ghetto youth have it harder nuff a wi nuh grow wid nuh fada)

7. Mama - (the place name poverty mummy doe live dere no more..)

8. Thank You Jah - (ghetto youth we go on an on...)

9. Jamaica - (mi come from Jamaica)

10. Money Pon Mi Mind - (mi nave time fi nuh jail time dat a waste time)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's 4/20 - International Peter Tosh Day

International Peter Tosh Day 
The twentieth day in the fourth month of the year celebrated under the moniker 4/20 is now recognized as  International Peter Tosh Day, launched April 2015 to celebrate in honour of the legendary reggae artiste Peter Tosh
Peter Tosh was a musician, human-rights-activist and advocate, responsible for pushing the envelope on consumption of marijuana for medicinal and spiritual health benefits 


10 Marijuana Reggae/Dancehall Songs That Keeps The Fans Happy

1. Sizzla - Smoke Marijuana

2. Protoje - 

This Is Not A Marijuana Song

3. Jesse Royal- Gimmie Likkle/Finally

4. I- Octane - Puff It

5. Vybz Kartel - Marie  

6. Tony Curtis - High Grade   

7. Turbulence - Jamaican Weed              

9. Chronixx and Eesah- Perfect Tree

10. Popcaan - Weed Is My Best Friend


Monday, April 18, 2016

Duane Stephenson Ground Breaking Appearance in Nicaragua

Noted Reggae crooner Duane Stephenson recently returned from a short four gig performance stint in Niaragua where he visited states rarely seen by international performers.  The artiste sojourned at major events in Managua and Bluefields; while making history in Corn Island and Puerto Cabezas as the first ever performance of a Jamaican Reggae artiste and the area's second ever international artiste performance, the first being Lucky Dube in 2006.

"It was my first time performing in Nicaragua, as Reggae is an immersing genre there in general, and for Corn Island and Puerto Cabezas it was a pleasure being the Jamaican pioneer performer. The response was great for all four events and even with a change of venue for one event the people still came out in large numbers" Duane explained.

With such a successful set of appearances plans are already in place to revisit the Spanish speaking country in June of this year. Duane himself was impressed by the love of Dancehall and Reggae music by predominantly a Spanish speaking people.

"The people were singing along to my tracks and knew the words to a lot of songs from Jamaica especially Danccehall, it was really great feeling being there as a Jamaican artiste and seeing our influence" Duane noted.

Duane Stephenson continue to promote singles off his latest album entitled, Dangerously Roots while in the studio working on a fourth album expected to be released later this year.


Shawn Storm Set To Release New EP From Prison

Shawn Storm
Stepping on the dancehall scene as a protege of Vybz Kartel and member of the controversial Dancehall artist's Portmore Empire, Shawn Storm who made a name for himself delivering hit single 'My Life', is set to release his first ever EP entitled "Word Sound Power" from prison.

According to a release, Shawn Storm through music, tell of his mental, spiritual and musical growth while serving 25 years to life sentence in prison. The 10 track EP distributed by 21st Hapilos digital will feature tracks, titled 'My Story,' 'My Skit' and 'Better Days' as well as a track entitled 'Light Up' produced by Kartel's Adijahiem Record label. 

Of the new EP Shawn Storm had this to say, "This is my first EP and my fans and I are both anticipating the outcome and the acceptance of new level of growth in my level of music mentality and lyrically. This EP which consist of a list of songs that were hand picked by great people, mixed and organized by great  minds and approved by my realest brother and mentor the greatest World Boss. From me to my fams and fans I give you WORD SOUND POWER my greatest creation yet."  The EP drops May 6th, 2016.


India in 2016 - Where Launching a Reggae Sound System Is Symbolic

Extracted from the Sunday Gleaner article entitled "Give Me Red!" published, April 17th, 2016. 

The capital of India, Delhi came alive to the beats of music - Champa Gali, on April 2, and emitted more than the aroma of coffee, as the heady mix of dub plates and sound system took the brew and the atmosphere into another level. The evolution of Tin Pan Alley beats with new sounds of music as Bass Foundation Roots (BFR) unveils their sound system, painted bright red, to the world.

The sounds of this party resonated in the narrow bylanes as music pumped from the red sound system making its debut. The crowd swayed, and the venue, Plumeria Alley, named after the Plumeria flower found in tropical and sub-tropical regions and fragrant at nights, was fragrance strictly with vinyl. 

It all began when Taru Dalmia and Samara Chopra who are lead singers of a ska group based in Delhi known as the Ska Vengers assembled a powerful stack of hand-built wooden speakers, power amplifiers, two turntables, an analogue dub siren and a van over months of hard work. They, then raised funds from an Indiegogo campaign, "we began a crowd-funding campaign in November 2015, and to our surprise, we managed to raise US$20,000" said Dalmia. 

According to the article, one would have thought that India and reggae might not be a perfect choice for people, but the response was overwhelming.

The launch of the sound system they said, is one of the marked events in the independent music community. "Expect uncompromising sound quality and a strictly vinyl set," Dalmia, who goes by the stage name, Delhi Sultanate said. But it is more than getting the beats right, the idea is to take the music to the people; if you can't party, the party is going to come to you. "The BFR sound system was built to challenge India's narrow club culture and dependency on venues and sponsors by taking reggae, a genre histocially painted by social, political and cultural dialogue, directly to the people," said Chopra also known as Begum X.

The duo also launched a "mobile book store" at the Jug Mug Thela (Glittering Cart) venue, that will accompany the sound system wherever it goes and features a small selection of books and DVDs featuring titles concerned with Indian and African liberation movements and authors. "The book store has been inspired by mobile book stores we have seen in Jamaica at reggae dances, where the subject of the books ranged from black liberation, to Rastafarianism to Jamaican ital cooking," Dalmia said.

On the significance of the sound boxes painted in red, Dalmia explains, "the speakers
have been painted red, not merely to give a pop of colour, but to be a catalyst of social commentary and give voice to the oppressed. Reggae music, Jamaica's eternal and unequivocal gift to the world, is the medium that addresses issues of social injustice and equality."

"The overall message is to foster a sense of unity and strength in communities and both the sound and the lyrics of the music carry this message. A sound system lends immense power to the music and has the ability to literally vibrate bodies and objects in its immediate surroundings," Dalmia continued.

The sound system, is not only a myriad and intricate confluence of technology and engineering. It is the soul of music, the sounds of which become an intense physical and communal experience.

Their expectations: Over the next year, BFR will travel to different regions of india - collaborate with University campuses, people's movements, writers, thinkers and artists, to curate cultural spaces where critical consciousness can come together with the intense experience of sub bass being played over sound system speakers. "Imagine for instance a protest or a political community meeting commencing or ending with a sound system session?" said Chopra.

India's freedom movement saw its share of bloodshed, oppression, tested the resilience of the people and charged the youth to fight against the colonial power. Bhagat Singh, a young freedom fighter said, "if the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud" the sound systems are now rolling on this journey of sonic dominance.

Source: Sunday Gleaner, Jamaica

Sunday, April 17, 2016

10 Venues Sued By ASCAP For Refusing To Pay To Use Music

"Came across this interesting bit of information and thought I would share it here, interesting music news check it out."

ASCAP has filed 10 lawsuits against bars and restaurants for the unauthorized use of its members' copyrighted musical works. Over the past two years, and in may cases longer, ASCAP says it made numerous attempts to offer to license these venues and educate the owners about their obligations under federal law.

"Music is enormously valuable to bars and restaurants, creating an emotional connection with patrons and providing the right ambience to attract and retain customers," commented ASCAP Executive Vice President of Licensing Vincent Candilora.. "Hundreds of thousands of well-run businesses across the nation recognise the importance of paying music creators to use their music, and understand that it is both the lawful and right thing to do. However, each of the establishments sued today has decided to use music without compensating songwriters."

The 10 US venues sued:
  • FuZion (Huntington Beach, CA)
  • Studio 8 (San Jose, CA)
  • Black Bear Saloon (Hartford, CT)
  • Sportsline Bar and Grill (Lawerenceville, GA)
  • Perception Lounge (Chicago, IL)
  • Stonewood Tavern (Peabody, MA)
  • The Tangiers (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Arden Kitchen and Bar (Port Jefferson, NY)
  • The Barbary (Philadelphia, PA)
  • The Ranch (Austin, TX)