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Rebel Salute - Like a Fresh Vegetable; Nesbeth's One Song Slew One Segment "My Dream"

Moments! Rebel Salute 2016, "one of world's leading reggae events" and held in Jamaica, showcased some of the most heartfelt and electrifying  performances,  despite time constraints that forced acts to cut their performance short. There were many good moments, too much to list but some of my favourites are as follows and can be viewed as often as you wish  on  "Onstage" TV . Beres Hammond and Tony Rebel performance "Like a fresh vegetable".... Nesbeth has done something I've never seen before, he used one song in a whole set and slew a segment... read more  "My Dream"  is to live my dream watch... Great! moment Beres Hammond Marcia Griffiths Heart-felt, Magical is how I view this performance, one which we will never see again. It just goes to show that with music the more things change the more they remain the same..."Half Pint"..."Reggae"...."Best of Reggae"..... NIPnews: read Ja.Observer