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Shaka Pow On The Move

Shaka Pow and Abby Dallas
Medical Practioner and Dancehall artist Shaka Pow is relentless in his efforts to stay afloat in the highly competitive Dancehall music arena in Jamaica.  His medical practice does not get in the way of finding time to record, represent his brand or promote his music. As the father of two (2) lovely children extend further, his interest in the local music industry, preparations are underway to launch his independent Outfytt Record label in 2017.

With a string of tracks off popular riddims floating across the airwaves throughout the year, Shaka Pow seek to tun up the energy that is fueling the most popular track out of the fleet called, "No Ice Cream Love" featuring One Jam Records singer/songwriter Abby Dallas. Produced by Wee Pow on the Real Rock riddim, No Ice Cream Love, is a rendition of the original Johnny Osbourne's Coxson Dodd/Jackie Mitto Studio One recording, and has been getting favorable rotation across radio both locally and internationally prompting the duo and their teams to increase promotion on their video which depict the old skool, roots rock, 90s reggae/dancehall vibe behind it. WATCH!

Shaka Pow's music is intentionally void of the challenges and responsibility in his practice as an Obstetrics and Gynaecologist, leaning more towards fun, comedy and social activities that captures the artist in him that his own family recognized as a toddler but had been set aside in his pursuit to fulfill his dream as a teenager in forth form at St. Catherine High School to practice medicine. 

Since his introduction to the Dancehall music industry, Shaka Pow has had successes with his dj craft namely, with the release of his 2009 dance track 'Rubba Bounce' ft. Samboni. The track wreaked havoc across sections of the Dancehall industry locally and internationally with high concentration among dancehall fans in Germany and Japan who are driven and enlightened by Jamaican dance choreography.

While some find it hard to compare the Doc and the artiste, dancehall fans thinks Shaka Pow is 'really cool' and a fun, energetic individual who embraces his Jamaican culture wholesomely. Follow and engage the real dancehall doctor Shaka Pow and 'Outfytt General' on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to comment on his music and videos and subcribe to his channel.