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5 Dancehall Artistes Who 'Werk' Rihanna's Song

1. Vanessa Bling's handlers have been putting in work on her image, she looks brand new. Her version of Rihanna's "Work" sounds right. Her melodious voice is on point and the clarity is awesome.  Vanessa Bling in our view is the complete package for the international market. Check out her track call "Worse"

2. The artiste Beniton aka Jack Frost go hard on his version of 'Rihanna's 'Work' an Instagram remix that went viral check it out click

3. Next up is Elephant Man these artiste dont stop they keep work! work! Work! in full view and of course some "Weed! Weed! Weed! (the name of his remix) comes with the territory. Ele came out swinging on this remix and the fans seems to like it a lot what do you think? listen

4. Ain't for the drama at all, that aside, got to give it to Shauna Chin's clear vocals and effort, homegirl siddung pon di riddim like a lizard pon a limb for her remix ft. Supa Hype check it out "Work remix by Shauna Chin ft. Supa Hype"

5. Although not an official remix Vybz Kartel's fans were not about to leave him out of this viral remix frenzy of Rihanna's Billboard hit and used up some potent Kartel lyrics, a reminder why both the 'Teecha' and his favourite genre stays relevant inspite of Listen