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Nesbeth Enters Social Media 'Million Views League'

There can be no doubt in anyone's mind at this time that Nesbeth's single, "My Dream" is timeless and destine to break the 1 million views mark on social media. Now the inevitable has happened, with over 1 million fan views reached in two months on YouTube Nesbeth has landed another historical milestone in his long standing career which span over a decade. The significance of even mentioning this feat when it is expected of every popular artiste/entertainer is that social media has not only solidify the Trench Town native's popularity but affirm the credibility of MTViggy list of 11 Acts Keeping Roots-Reggae Alive The list which included Nesbeth highlighted a set of artistes that can only be stopped by time and was published long before this monster hit 'My Dream' was conceptualized.  
Nesbeth, as well as the other 10 artistes mentioned on that list have been handed the baton to carry-on, sustain and maintain the integrity of Jamaica's roots-reggae genre and to ensure the music remains the music of the Jamaican people that is loved and appreciated across the world. It's a big responsibility where only the fittest of the fit will survive and we sincerely hope these artistes stand the test of time. Watch the official "My Dream" video here