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The Adventures Of 'Spice' - Putting In The Work Churning The Stats

Spice has always had everyone's attention, she's no newcomer. Her Billboard entry, string of hits and career maintenance over the years attribute to her earning a place among female Dancehall artists 'most potent' in the industry. 

Not all music is/was made for mainstream but got there anyway. The question is, how? Music stops with everyone but stays only with whoever chooses it. I feel no guilt acknowledging that Spice's music is 'loud' but what is more interesting to me is her work ethics, behind the scenes campaign that's even more louder than her x-rated songs thumping in my ears.  Acknowledging the sticky points, facts that would also influence change in Spice's camp lately with all due respect, Spice is doing some work on her career contributory to her breaking away from her peers.  To date, in the era of social media, Spice is possibly the 'most viewed' female Dancehall artiste on YouTube receiving over 40 million views.  This is significant for any artist these days as social media determines their popularity, strengths and weaknesses. 

The best of our artistes/entertainers are those who completely deliver their music irrespective of the type they sing.  Many have failed in this regard, some in my opinion try too hard and some don't try at all.  But in every aspect of life, (and I use this quote to make my point) "success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by the person you become.

Displaying a hands-on like approach on her career, Spice's live performances have been well rehearsed and design to allow her to interact with fans. This is her passion she said it herself,  "I love doing stuff like that and bringing fans onstage, or going into the audience. I love interacting with fans. For me, it's not about just being onstage and reciting some lyrics, it's about giving fans a really good time by letting them get involved in the performance so they have something to remember long after the show is done." See Spice Brings The Heat to Guyana click 

Though her music remain explicit Spice's image is also another obvious area of focus for her. The adjustments have been happening before our eyes and improved overtime, yet still captures that traditional Jamaican dancehall culture that differs from pop and hip-hop dress codes. Sex sells but sexy does not stop with race or ethnicity there are levels to performing. These changes become noticeable, people see the difference and growth constantly manifesting around the artist. Self confidence and empowerment are infectious and drives fan bases across social media resulting repetitive and increased views/following. 

I'm of the view what remains a challenge with female dancehall artistes in general is the ability to transition explicit content into suggestive lyrical content for mainstream.  Spice regardless has built a career and made good of any opportunity the industry provides. She is in command of her business, steadily increasing her ratings and propelling her career way above that of her peers. Spice is currently on tour in Europe.