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Tessanne Chin releases new single called "Love Suicide"

Tessanne Chin's latest single "Love Suicide" is  a sweeping, soul ballad of reckless affection. The single captures the essence of finding love so powerful that it is all together consuming and exhilarating. "Love Suicide," released on her imprint Chinita Entertainment.

Known for her powerhouse vocals and striking range, Tessanne Chin is in the studio working on her third album. She cultivates elements of Soul, Pop, and RnB, but always with a little island flare that sets her apart from her peers. These features in Chin's music are realized to their fullest potential in her latest single, Love Suicide.  Her astounding voice illuminates the track as the tension builds throughout this elegant song of absolute true love. Opening with a classic piano melody, Love Suicide maintains a fresh and unique style of contemporary and classic RnB influences. Seasoned songwriter, Blue June, whose credits include Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande and many more, bought her skills to assist in writing Love Suicide..listen click here

As Chin exclaims, "Oh baby, I wanna dive right into you, it's a love suicide," her strong and gorgeous vocals instantly seize heartstrings, characterizing the sensation of love so strong that catches her off guard. "The song is about loving someone so deeply that you fall into it completely and surrender yourself to it," Chin comments. As the track builds, the passion in her dynamic belting increases and emphasizes the sincerity of her unquestionable yearning and the hold it has over her. To make the sound come to fruition, Tessanne collaborated with producer Darwin Quinn (Lil'C), whose tracks have charted #1 on Billboard and recent credits include Tyga, TI, Young Jeezy and more.

The Season 5 winner of NBC's 'The Voice' competition enjoyed her first Overall Top Songs on iTunes covering the 1971 classic Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Since winning The Voice, Tessanne has also ventured into other business areas showing off her entrepreneurial skills. She launched Blow by Blow, a full-service salon in Kingston along with her sisters and partnered with Bellami Hair Extensions.

Showcasing her rare sound and style, Love Suicide proves yet again that fans can expect more aural beauty from this esteemed artist. Having topped charts across the Caribbean, Tessanne Chin has recently set her sights on a broader fan base and continues to win over hearts and minds with her magnificent voice.