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Tanto goes to Canada

Tanto Blacks and Bounty Killa - "killa glad fi see mi a fly out"
"Canada mi a come..riich!" I have never mentioned him here, but i'm a big fan of Tanto Blacks, he cracks me up on instagram like so many of his over 50k followers. So consumed by his antics, visiting his IG page is a favorite pass-time of mine. This comedic, high energy dancehall entertainer whose 'slang' game is so strong, has landed a place among some of the hottest Dancehall artistes in my book and it was just a matter of time before Tanto start taking his whole entertainment package abroad.

Well Tanto's announcement this week of his Canada appearance on IG @Tantolifestyle was everything, "Canada mi a come...riiiich...., mi a pack mi suitcase yah, a doe kno which one fi carry but a gwine carry mi brown shoes..hat enuh! lol.

Jamaicans came to know Tanto Blacks in 2010 when he entered and won popular local talent show Magnum Kings and Queens unleashing a slew of slangs as well as showing off his entertainment delivery skills. But even though his name resonated well among fans from then, it has taken him some time to position himself among the best in the game. Check out this old interview on Nightly Fix, with Tanto Blacks and Poor and Boasy another artistes I hope to see in the big leagues. 

Tanto's slangs - budgettt, tweederrr, spectaculerrr, riiichhhh, real rich