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Big Acknowledgement for Agent Sasco during Kendrick Lamar's Grammy 2016 performances

Kendrick Llamar Grammy 2016
During one of the night's biggest performances at the 58th staging of the Grammy Awards, the voice of Jamaican Dancehall artiste Agent Sasco formerly Assassin resonated among the Grammy audience significantly, during Kendrick Lamar's outstanding performance that landed him a standing ovation. Staged in a prison set, Lamar led a chain gang -handcuffs and all. He lurched into a medley of "The Blacker the Berry" and "Alright," escaping from the chains to perform in front of a gigantic fire and eventually return to a solitary microphone..more

Billboard called it a "Powerful Performance" while fans sent shout-outs to Agent Sasco for the acknowledgement. An appreciative agent Sasco tweeted in response:-

Powerful performance.
Lamar in an acceptance speech for Best Rap Album of five Grammys received said, "This is hip-hop...We will live forever.." ....  So will Dancehall.