Saturday, August 1, 2015

Richie Stephens lands a hit in Brazil; Announce Europe tour and performing with German Reggae Star Gentleman

Richie Stephens
From his album entitled, 'Real Reggae Music' singer Richie Stephens lands a #1 hit in Brazil with single, 'Knock Knock Knock.'  A pleasantly surprised Stephens said in reaction to the wonderful news, "I was shocked when I got the news that Knock Knock Knock was a massive hit in Brazil since we never did any special promotion there. Radio started playing the song, fans embraced it and now it has found its way to the top."

Along with the songs #1 ratings in Brazil comes the demand for Richie Stephens live in concert in that country, and he is already confirmed to perform there. "I am excited about my first performance in Brazil which happens in August. I hope to be invited back next year to perform when Usain Bolt will compete at the 2016 summer Olympics" Stephens said in an interview.

Europe Tour and working with Gentleman
The "Everybody Dance" singer is also preparing for his tour of Europe where he is expected to link up with music partner Gentleman, whom he said he feels honoured to tour with. Acknowledging Gentleman's 'mega-star' status in the west, Stephens speaks highly of the German reggae singer with a Jamaican heart saying he is "known for selling out big venues and playing gigs that a lot of reggae stars do not normally get to play. I will be carrying the reggae flag for Jamaica and taking the message directly to the people."
Richie Stephens and Gentleman

With a specific date to be announced, Richie Stephens tour will take him across Germany, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and England lasting about three months. He will also be promoting a soon to be released collaboration with Gentleman entitled, "Fly Away." With three songs, 'Everybody Dance,' 'Mama' and 'Hall of Fame' doing noticeably well on the European market, Stephens plan to introduce new songs, "Knock Knock Knock', 'Free Up The Plant' and 'Fly Away' this time around. "Europe is such a huge market for reggae. It is always a pleasure to perform there" he said.


Jesse Royal release video medley suggesting oneness peace and joy with the decriminalization of Marijuana in Jamaica

As Jamaicans prepare for their independence celebrations August 6, world sound Reggae artiste Jesse Royal who is best known for his timeless and introspective single, "Modern Day Judas," has released a video medley for two of his newer singles "Gimmie Likkle" and 'Finally,' depicting life, after the passing of the law which decriminalizes Marijuana in Jamaica and the vibe among weed smokers/peddlers. On his 'Gimmie Likkle' track Royal said, "nuff a these laws must be repelled...," and as if embracing peacefulness sang, "finally dis natty dread can smoke inna peaceon ' 'Finally.' 

The 'Gimmie Likkle/Finally' video medley, directed by Jay Will for Game Over Films capture Jesse Royal appearing to be dreaming while lying in a hammock in a herb field and waking up to find his dream a reality. Director Jay Will created a then and now scenario where comparisons were drawn between the days when it was illegal to smoke week on the corner and how weed smokers were humiliated upon being apprehended by the police. And now, both police and Jesse Royal who appeared as a weed merchant find common ground, selling weed to the cops, doctors and others undisturbed as various different uses of the weed goes on full display.

Produced by Notis Productions and Biggy Music respectively, 
finally  1  STEAMAZ the lyrics on both tracks and as depicted in the video, suggest the Rastafarian community and all advocacy group welcome the move by the Jamaican government to legalize the herbs and calls further for nation building. In a release Jesse Royal admonished, "We need to start researching our own resources if we really want to start to build a productive nation, the herb need fi legalize you know!" click to watch

Jesse Royal is preparing to release an EP entitled, "Hope and Love" in Japan later this year pre empting his month long tour of that country. He will also be putting some energy behind a full length album which is expected to be release in 2016.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Showers of blessings rained on Nesbeth during his inaugural performance in Germany

Now in Europe for his inaugural tour, Reggae firebrand Nesbeth was in top form over the weekend as he made his first stop at the much publicized Reggae Jam Festival held at Bersenbruck Germany.

Despite it being his first time performing the three day festival which runs from July 24 - 26, the Reggae crooner was a man on a mission and validated why he was named among the new generation of Reggae ambassadors by MTV IGGY, a release stated. 

Clad in a black ensemble adorned with the Rastafarian colours the 'Ole Gangalee' singer took to the stage accompanied by his back-up singers and a triad of dancers to much fanfare reeling off classics such as 'Board House,' 'So Let It Be' and 'Guns Out,' among others. Midway his set it began to rain but that did very little to dampen the spirits of the thousand in attendance who stood their ground as the Jamaican unravelled a plethora of songs from his expanding catalogue much to their delight.

Nesbeth told NIPnews, "Never before I've ever done that! I was soaking wet the people was soaking but together we had an experience of a life time."

Nesbeth also used the opportunity to introduce some new material from his current Taste Victory EP such as Hundu Lay Lay, Marijuana and Jah Jah Handpick and of course, lead single and title track 'Taste Victory.'


Duane Stephenson and Taurus Riley gets introspective on single 'Ghetto Religion'

Talented Reggae crooner Duane Stephenson, who is gearing up for a tour in Africa this summer, has just finished shooting his latest music video for the single "Ghetto Religion" from his "Dangerously Roots" album.  The single, a cover of the 2003 RnB single by R. Kelly featuring Wyclef Jean, depicts the life of residents in inner city communities and the joy they exude despite the depravity that surrounds them. Duane is supported on the track by the melodious sounds of Tarrus Riley and said in a release, "Tarrus is my musical brother, when I thought about recording the reggae version of the song, he was the one who instantly came to mind. It was just fitting for him to be on the single as well, given we're from the ghetto, the song is relatable." 

IMG-20150617-WA0027Directed by Damion Gayle of Warrior Music, the video was shot on location in Morant Bay, St. Thomas and was chosen to capture the essence of  the 'Ghetto Religion' vibe which infiltrates the raw energy of the people in their everyday element. "The reactions of the people as seen in the video are real. In the face of economic turbulence people still find a way to live easy, enjoy themselves and be alive" Duane said.

Duane Stephenson currently holds the #2 spot on the Cross Caribbean Countdown charts on TEMPO with his "Rastafari Way" video which features fellow artiste Mackeehan.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Former dancer 'Bruck Up' resurface in the music industry with a new single

l-r Mavado Bruk Up and LL Cool J 
Do you remember the acrobatic dancer Bruck Up?Years after originating the wildly popular "Bruck Up" dance and becoming an International sensation in the 90s, George "Bruck Up" Adams has resurfaced, focused on pursuing a new career path within the music industry, singing.  

The now, recording artist has released a single entitled, "Cry" born out of a personal experience which he says, "was a moment that I think many men can relate..." that moment is having a beautiful woman as his own and inspired him to write a song.
Bruck Up

Bruck Up has teamed up with ace producer Teetimus, who has worked with major artistes such as Junior 'Gong' Marley, Mr. Vegas and US R and B singer, Trey Songz. The effort yielded a club-ready electronic dance sound with an intimate, reggae-night vibe - perfect for the sexy, lyrical banter he had in mind.

Bruk Up at the recent BET Awards
"Cry fi yuh body mek me see you buss a wine" Bruck Up flows on the chorus of the single.  Recognizing the need to keep the single radio-friendly, the team has found the right balance and has come up with a song that is merely borderline edgy and which is already being embraced by radio, both in the US and in Jamaica.

Bruck Up, has been doing the rounds in the US, attending award functions, including the recent BET Awards show says he is quite confident that dancehall fans will be moved in a huge way by this single. "Dancehall is the link that keeps me grounded, wherever I am" he says. He performs on the upcoming NY concert, "Anything Goes" to be held at Club Amazuru, September 5.


Good things comes to those who wait

After years of grinding the day finally came when the, "Taste Victory Tour" by  Roots/Reggae artiste Nesbeth gets underway. A cherry cheek, rather cool looking Nesbeth shares a priceless moment in his career, his first ever tour across Europe. Here are a few photos and you can keep up with his every move while on tour by following him on social media +Greg Nesbeth 

Nesbeth and Back Up Vocalist and Dancers #TasteVictoryTourGermany
After a great performance on Reggae Jam in Germany, Nesbeth continues his journey stopping in Belgium for Reggae Geel Saturday August 1st, then on to Italy...

Nesbeth back-up vocalists and mgmt Shanika Dobson
The team is having fun check out this cameo video his dancers put together and stay connected as we bring you update from his performances


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Young Marleys out here staking their claim

As the sons of Bob Marley grow older, their sons have already begun to stake their claim in the music industry. This family tradition is admirable.  With one of the younger Marley's signing off on a distribution deal with Chris Blackwell, we wanted to capture the young guns in this space and share with you, any recent development and/or highlight this clan, the 'Marleys Next Generation.'

The son of Cedella Marley and grand-nephew of Marcia Griffiths, known simply as' Skip" debut his single "Cry To Me" on the Tuff Gong International label, written, arranged by him, as well as co-produced along with Paul Fakhourie (Lauryn Hill, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Nas). 'Skip' recently signed a publishing deal with Blue Mountain Music, owned and operated by legendary, PR mogul Chris Blackwell who signed his Grandfather, Bob Marley in the 70s. Blackwell said he is looking forward to working with Skip Marley who "has so much to offer." The deal will cover all of the works on Skip Marley's release for Tuff Gong International. Skip Marley, 19, says he wants to "spread positivity through music." He will join with his uncles Stephen and Damian Marley at the end of August 2015 as they travel across the United States on their month-long Catch Fire tour. Check out 'Cry To Me' by Skip click here

Jo Mersa Marley

The eldest son of Stephen Marley, Jo Mersa's follows in the footsteps of his father, uncles and grandfather producing his own music. He made his decision to pursue the musical path of his family at age 11 making beats with a MIDI Production Center or Music Production Controller (MPCs) before his uncle Ziggy Marley contributed an Apple laptop and along with his cousins, used the Garage Band software made beats. Jo Mersa's first major performance came at around age 4 when he appeared onstage alongside his father, uncle Ziggy and aunts Cedella and Sharon, then, the Melody Makers. Jo Mersa recorded a track with female Reggae crooner, Etana entitled "Thy Will Be Done" as well as Reggae's royal family, Morgan Heritage called "Light It Up." But his single entitled, "Comfortable" is our favourite song by him  click to watch

Daniel Bambaata Marley
"It's not like I just grew up with reggae culture" Daniel Bambaata Marley told Rollingstone Magazine. The oldest son of Ziggy Marley's first solo effort is a track entitled "Live It Inna Fear" produced by Damian Marley on the Ghetto Youths International label. In 2011 he contributed his musical stylings to his father's "Wild and Free" album, on a song called, "Changes." He also recorded with Jo Mersa on a track entitled "My Girl." Daniel has recorded over melodic reggae rhythms as well as vintage hip-hop. What do you think about Daniel's most recent release click here