Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ketch Up: Beenie Man/Eddie Murphy collab; Radio Station Irie FM came in for plaudits during sitting of the Senate

"This new collaboration is the first time in over 20 years...."

Eddie Murphy’s affinity for reggae music continues. The iconic actor, comedian and singer unveils his second song of the year “Wonna Deez Nites” featuring Jamaican dancehall icon Beenie Man. The single will be released on June 30, 2015 on VPAL Music (VP Records’ subsidiary label and distribution arm).

“Wonna Deez Nites” follows Murphy's 2015 reggae chart-topper “Oh Jah Jah” (VPAL), which peaked at #1 on iTunes Reggae Single Chart and debuted in the Top 5 on the U.S. Billboard Reggae Digital Song Chart.  This new collaboration is the first time in over 20 years since Eddie Murphy has worked with another Jamaican artist musically. In 1993, he paired up with legendary Jamaican dancehall artist Shabba Ranks on his song “I Was A King.” click to listen
Irie FM came in for plaudits during a sitting of the Jamaican Senate 
Reggae radio station Irie FM came in for plaudits during the June 26th sitting of the Senate for its commitment to broadcasting local content. Government Senator Lambert Brown during the debate on the bill to amend the Copyright Act, has called on local radio and television stations to play more local content, as one way of building the economy and developing local talent.

Senator Brown says there was a time in Jamaica, when reggae music was not played by local radio stations, but one entity, Irie FM innovated and made a success of the dedication to local music content. Meanwhile, Senator Brown also called on local producers and actors to ensure that locally produced plays are copyrighted, so that they can tap into the export market, as the Jamaican diaspora is always in need of Jamaican productions.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dancehall Duo RDX 'Bruk Whey!' Performing at Sold Out Venues in Non-English Speaking Countries

Dancehall's dynamic duo 'RDX' has past the stereotypical borders of music bringing the Dancehall culture to Non-English speaking countries.  The duo who perform twice yearly in Latin American countries has seen an increase in demand for their performance across these regions since their appearance on the Rototom Music Festival in Spain.

Since the start of the year, RDX made multiple appearances in Nicaragua and Chile, with other appearances set for Columbia and Costa Rica this summer according to a release. The RDX brand in the South Americas has far reaching effects, amped by the popularity of their dance motivated tracks "Lose Yourself" with Major Lazer, "Jump," "Kotch" and "Ride It." The duo have been performing in sold out venues, a thrilling experience which they say, "It's a joy to see dancehall music being enjoyed by huge Spanish speaking audience. The people know how to have a good time with no hang ups, just pure undiluted fun" Renigade said.

RDX has not only transcended mainstream Spanish speaking countries but are undeniably one of the most popular Dancehall acts in France for the past five years.  This has given them the opportunity to perform in other French speaking territories such as Reunion, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana regularly. "It's a phenomenal experience each trip. We are talking large excited crowds of adoring fans who remember songs we sometimes forget, and they know the English version to these songs line by line" said the group's singer, Delomar.

Fresh from a successful performance in Chile earlier this month, the duo is now considering, incorporating more of the Spanish flavour into their music. Now busy promoting a new song for all 'dancers' called 'Skankers' produced by their independent Apartment 19 Music label, RDX said the song is the new dance anthem, dubbed the 'dance floor roboot' and is amped by the energy and dance moves of popular local dancers.


Is there a Rihanna/Popcaan collaboration in the making?

There are high speculations about which Dancehall artist will be featured on Pop Star Rihanna's upcoming album R8. The highly anticipated and long awaited album is expected to feature a 'Dancehall' themed track, where as mentioned on one website, Rihanna might go back to her Caribbean roots for the follow up to 2012s "Unapologetic."

Producer and founder of Mixpax Records, DJ Dre Skull, revealed to The Fader that the "Diamond" hitmaker has been contacting several Dancehall Reggae artistes to collaborate with on her forthcoming LP. "They've reached out to Popcaan but I've talked to a number of people in Jamaica that they've reached out to" Dre Skull was quoted to have said, but was quick to add, "I'm not suggesting that I know what will happen, but I do know they've talked to a bunch of artists that I know."

Now just this week Popcaan's "Where We Come From" has re-entered Billboard Reggae Chart holding down the #2 spot. This album was released June 2014 and had already hit the Billboard Reggae chart where it peaked at #2. Other speculations and/or rumour in regards to Rihanna's album is that it will be a 'Dancehall' album however that was shut down by Dre Skull who explained that RiRi's latest project would not entirely be Dancehall.

Known for creating some of the slickest slangs that have gone viral and used among other music Stars such as Canadian rapper Drake, Popcaan has several hit songs coming into his own. The possibility of a collaboration between himself and Rihanna could lead to him becoming the new leading Dancehall artiste. Now that would be something else don't you think? Yaooowww!!! that, would be crazy. KICKOUT!

Source: Latinpost

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Get an Artist Endorsement Deal

At some point in a musician's career, one starts to ponder the thought of seeking an artist endorsement. This is a very common thought for an inspiring musician, especially taking into consideration all of aspects associated with getting your name out there, acquiring the necessary gear, covering travel expenses, etc. As Director of Artist Relations for PRS Guitars, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few tips on what AR executives look for in artists, and what artists should look for from brands.

First, ask yourself why it is that you want an endorsement. Are you looking for support from a promotional standpoint? Are you looking for gear or tech support? Are you looking to establish a relationship with a company that you believe in?  Are you knowledgeable about the product offerings? Are you willing to enthusiastically promote products social and publicly? Basically, what are you going to do for the company you are endorsing? If you're looking for free gear, you should rethink your approach and ask yourself the above questions. For the most part, the days of free gear are long gone, and if you have the expectation of receiving free gear right off the bat, you will likely be disappointed. But there are many other benefits that come with the endorsement relationship.

I often refer to an artist endorsement as a 'marriage." It's a commitment that involves loyalty and dedication. It's a two-way street and should be mutually beneficial to both parties. The moment that the two-way street becomes one-way, the relationship is compromised. I'm happy to say that things don't come to this point often, but if you approach your endorsement with a company as an investment or marriage, the desire to commit and support should be at the top of your priority list - not free gear


Get the attention you need

Advice to a musician seeking an endorsement 
First take a good look at yourself and the state of your career. You should be prepared to convince us that we're constantly seeking new artist endorsers to add to our roster who will be influential, and we invest a lot of our time seeking out artists who have the big names; however, we offer several different levels of endorsement. For example, we work with numerous pro players who are well-respected in their markets but are not of national renown. We also seek out emerging artists, session players, and influential educators in various markets. We aren't a company that puts all of our eggs in one basket, and we value all of our artist endorsers regardless of the level at which they are endorsed. More often than not, making a decision on an artist endorsement is very tough for us. We get hundreds of endorsement inquiries on a monthly basis, and it's extremely time consuming to review the requests, materials, music, etc.

Some questions you should ask yourself before approaching a company for endorsement.

Do you sound good? Are your peers impressed with your skills?
C'mon, let's face it, of course you think you sound good! And you probably think you understand many aspects of music, but this is the time to be completely honest with yourself. What does the public think about your playing? Have you received any media acclaim?

What kind of reputation do you have within the industry? How would you describe yourself as a person

We aren't solely interested in your influence as a musician, but also how you would describe yourself as a person. Are you a positive, outgoing, and easy to get along with? Are you a giver or a taker? You'd be surprised to know just how often artist relations folks talk to one another, and we can usually get a good feel on a potential endorser just by having a quick chat with our industry peers.

We live in a world of social media. What's your social
media presence like?
The old saying of "don't judge a book by it's cover" is not applicable here. First impressions are important, and we want to see how you're engaging with others. A strong social media presence is highly recommended. This will most often be the first place we look when trying to determine whether or not to consider extending an endorsement to an artist. Your social media pages should show a sizable influence (i.e., number of followers), but it should also show us that your followers are engaged with you (i.e., ratio of likes/comments/shares per cost to total followers). Remember your goal is to be perceived as influential, and the connections should be meaningful rather than just numbers.

What do you bring to the table as an endorser? How are you going to help us with our business needs?

Artist testimonials are important and influential to consumers. You are an important voice of 'your brand' whether it's through your skills, tones, or a simple verbal/written statement that attests to the quality and reliability of the product and/or the brand. We need you to "wave the 'Company's' flag" on and off the stage and let the world know why you represent our brand. Think about what projects you have on the table and how a relationship with the brand could mutually benefit you both. Can we help get the word out on what you are doing? Can we be a part of your project in a way that gets our products and your support of them in front of a broader audience? And because content sharing is the name right now, remember that if you can produce good content with our products, we'll share it across our networks (which reach more than 725,000 unique people per month right now).

When starting out the relationship, it's also important for you to ask yourself if and how much you're willing to support the company's goals. If you're open to supporting the products that are important to our brand at that moment in time, we're going to be way more interested in working with you.

Helpful tips

  • You will need a press kit. It should be available in print but also as an EPK. Ideally, it should be available in a format that you can email as well as make available fo download via your website. Your press kit should provide a brief overview of who you are and any major accomplishments. Consider including some impressive photos that represent your onstage presence and embed links to relevant online content (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). You should have a dedicated website with an active performance schedule that includes everything mentioned above as well as audio samples of your playing.
  • Be patient and allow time for a response to your endorsement inquiry. You should anticipate a three-to-six week response time, as most companies receive hundreds of simultaneous requests
  • Be realistic with your expectations and open to any opportunity that you may be given. Remember, this is the beginning of a relationship. It's a starting place from which to grow.

Bev Fowler is the director of artist relations for Paul Reed Smith Guitars, a manufacturer of high-end musical instruments and equipment in Stevensville, MD. Bev has worked in a variety of positions with increasing responsibilities within the business since 2002, including executive assistant to the president, event manager, and artist relations. In her current position, Bev's main focus is on expanding and maintaining brand equity within the community of accomplished and emerging artists and musicians.

*Notice: Extracted from certain information were adjusted for the purpose of publishing on this website

    Monday, June 22, 2015

    Chart Wise - Popcaan edge Billboard Reggae #1 spot; Omi looks to enter US Top 10 with Major Lazer on his heels

    For a second time around, Dancehall artiste Popcaan eyes Billboard Reggae Top 10 #1 spot as this week his debut album "Where We Come From' (WWCF) holds down the #2 spot on that chart a little over a year after it's release, unseating Rebelution's 'Count Me In.' 

    The Mixpak Records/Anju Blaxx and Dubbel Dutch produced album on its official release June 10, 2014, held that same #2 spot on the Billboard Reggae chart but failed at making it to #1. Hopefully this time around, 'Where We Come From' will pierce through to hit the big #1 spot #KICKOUT! Popcaan also joins a growing list of Jamaican artistes on Billboard Reggae's Top 10 which includes Chronixx, Etana, Morgan Heritage and the king, Bob Marley and the Wailers whose Easy Skanking in Boston 1978 still hold #1 after 3 weeks.

    Omi perched atop the Top 10 of the US Top 40 charts with Major Lazer on his heels

    Top 40: Swift Ties Mark For Quickest Run To #1; Walk The Moon Runner Up; Major Lazer
    Top 15; Weeknd Top 20; Flo Rida, Jidenna Debut

    *TAYLOR SWIFT soars 4*-1* with "Bad Blood" - topping the chart in five weeks - which matches KATY PERRY's "ROAR" and NELLY and TIM MCGRAW's "Over And Over" for the fastest run to the top
    * WALK THE MOON is now in the runner up spot, moving 3*-2* with "Shut Up And Dance" - up over 600 spins
    *OMI is closing in on the top 10, moving 13* - 11* with "Cheerleader," and climbing 1941 spins
    *MAJOR LAZER is top 15 this week, up 17* - 14* with "Lean On" - up a stellar 1929 spins
    *THE WEEKND is top 20 in his second on the chart with "Can't Feel My Face," up 21*-17* and rising 2056 spins
    *FLO RIDA and JIDENNA both debut this week


    Sunday, June 21, 2015

    Fathers Day Wishes

    Happy Fathers Day to all responsible and fun loving dads. May the almighty God bless you and keep you always.

    Celebrity Dads

    "When you just come back from a month on the road. This is the love you get #meandmyboys #loveyoudaddy #wemissedyousomuch #sowhatdidyoubringforus" - Wayne Marshall

    "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.." Rebecca Packer Burrell to (husband) Shaggy
     #HappyFathersDay to all #Fathers and #FatherFigures #Blessings ~Agent Sasco~
     "First of all Happy Father's Day to me and big up to all other fathers out there it's a blessing to be chosen by God to play this role it is a gr8 feeling ~Foota Hype~

    "Happy Father's Day to meeeeee! Thanks Pumpkin U n Banana are my reasons for living! Bless up n happy Father's Day to all the fathers who take their role seriously! Jah bless unuh continuously that you will forever be able to provide for ur families and households." ~Chris Martin~

    Celebrity and their Dads

    Original #crocodile #chronicle - ~Chronixx~

    Dear Dad,
    Thank you for being an amazing father to your five kids and an awesome father figure to so many more. You have been the greatest example in my life of what hard work and dedication can do, you're always there for me some way some how, even as a big woman you still looking out for me (smiley face). Thank you for your wisdom, your prayers, your faith, thank you for being an amazing provider, for teaching us to not just earn our keep but to respect the time and effort it takes to do so. thank you for teaching us about how far manners will take you lol and how to stand firm in the rough times. Thank you for being there Daddy, you are one of my biggest motivations to keep going, not because I don't already know how proud you are of me, but because being you Daughter has taught me to never give up and to give my best. I love you my Poppa :) #HappyFathersDay #MyTravellingPartner #MyParringP #AtEveryShowAndRehearsal #MyDaddy

    "Oh my papa!!!! How I love you. You are my constant companion, confidant and protector. Everyday is Father's Day for me because of the care and love you have always given me. I couldn't love you more." #HappyFathersDay #MyDaddy #myfriend #Mycompany #myfamily #Iloveyou #tillthenumbersstop