Saturday, February 7, 2015

Joy In The Morning is Nesbeth's Newest Song on His Path to Success

l-r Exco Levi, Kabaka Pyramid, Iba Mahr, Nesbeth Onstage tv interview
As some men work silently among themselves on a building construction site, shovelling cement, rendering walls and tossing buckets, track after track of Nesbeth's songs can be heard blasting in the background. Some sang whole heartedly, others listened as if their life depended on each word while the one person monitoring the player, from time to time stop to rewind their favourites each time it came around, Ole Gangalee and Taste Victory.  

Somewhere else on the other side of town Nesbeth is feeling this energy, persons would stop him in the streets to tell him how much they are inspired by his songs, or share similar sentiment on social media.  The energy is real, this artiste has once again made a positive and meaningful impact on reggae/dancehall fans, a feeling he said is 'heart warming.'  

Mr Ole Gangalee who has already 'Taste Victory' seems to be more than happy with the way things are going so he's now singing, "it's gonna be Joy In The Morning'" The track released on the River Bed riddim on the M.B.R. label has now hit radio hot on the heels of a barrage of appearances including one dearest to his heart, performing on Bob Marley Birthday celebration held literally in his back yard, Trench Town.

If you have not heard Nesbeth's latest song, "Joy In The Morning" then here's your chance, click the soundcloud icon to listen:- 


Aidonia Promises a Short Film to Showcase New Rhythm Tracks and Artistes Under J.O.P.

As the popularity of the Dancehall brand extend across the world, local artistes seek to re-invent themselves or enhance their craft.  One such is Aidonia who promises to launch a 40 minutes short film aimed at capturing special moments of himself, members of his JOP camp among other top tier acts.

According to a release, Aidonia decided to make a short film as oppose to a 'mere video' to present new project the, 'Open Sky' rhythm compilation. Widely respected as one of Dancehall's finest, the JOP boss who is rapidly gaining weight said, "JOP has always been about difference and setting trends, from the way we pen lyrics to even the delivery.  So we decided to present the Open Sky rhythm in a different format from the cliche music can look out this project is definitely going to be something to talk about."


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Celebrations fit for a King - "Happy Birthday Bob Marley" - The Legacy Continues

Happy Earthstrong King
Jamaica and the rest of the world observes the 70th birthday of the legendary King of Reggae Robert Nesta 'Bob' Marley, O.M., the immense contribution he gave and is continuously giving through his legacy February 6, 2015.

A celebration held under the theme "The Legacy Continues", will be held at both the Bob Marley Museum 56 Hope Road Kingston and Tuff Gong International 220 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston Jamaica and is free to everyone.

Bob Marley Museum
The celebrations at the Bob Marley Museum will begin with an intimate and private ceremonial tribute to Bob Marley, and will be opened to the public at 10am for a full day of activities that will include symposiums on topics including Reggae and Fashion, Reggae Music and Film and Marijuana and the Economy to be presented by several academics including Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah, Dr. Dennis Howard, Carole Beckford.

Other exciting activities to come on the day will include, the unveiling of Bob Marley's

restored 1976 Land Rover series III, that will go on display permanently at the Bob Marley Museum following the February 6, 2015 event.

The celebration at the Bob Marley Museum will conclude with a Reggae Jam Session featuring the Bob Marley 70th Ambassadors. Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid and the Bongo band Nomaddz as well as the Uprising Roots Band, Iba Mahr, Dburnz, Ishabel and others.

The celebrations at Tuff Gong Internationals will cater to the children as part of the Bob Marley Foundation's mandate.  Children will be engaged in readings from Cedella Marley's books; Three little Bird and The Boy from Nine Miles with an excerpt presentation from the new hit theatre production Nesta's Rock produced by JMTC and JJT.

On February 7th a free Bob Marley concert will take over the down-town waterfront and will feature a number of artistes with a special Marley tribute by the Marley brothers.


Jah Cure Signs to VP Records

Jah Cure
Jah Cure, who has long been recognized as one of reggae's greatest voices, inks a new deal with VP Records to release multiple albums, including The Cure slated for Spring 2015.

Jah Cure expresses his enthusiasm about signing to the label, "It is time for me to sign with an official company.  VP is the largest disbributor of reggae music.and that is a fact, so I am happy to say I am in the best place right now for me.  I look forward to build together and feel and sense good things to come,' he says.

The artist has a history with VP Records. He released two albums - Freedom Blues (2005) and True Reflections....A New Beginning (@007) - with the label, but was not officially signed as an artist.

 VP Records is thrilled to finally have the reggae icon on their roster.  The company's A and R, Neil Edwards, mentions that he has "worked with Cure for over 13 years now, so this has been in the making for some time." He continues, "Cure's sound is so unique.  It resonates with reggae music listeners and RnB lovers alike."

The highly anticipated LP The Cure will be a return to roots reggae and lover's rock with pop fused elements.  Consisting of production from the island's legendary Clive Hunt and Llmar "Riff Raff" Brown) amongst many others), the collection will feature Cure's brand new singles as well as current hits like "Rasta," his John Legend cover "All of Me," That Girl" and "Life We Live"


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Princess and Queens Part 1 - A N.I.P. Black History Month Feature

Empress of Ethiopia 332 B.C.
February is Black History month, the appropriate time to reflect on some great, black 'Princess and Queens' who made an indelible mark in history centuries ago. History proves that women have always played a significant roll in leadership, have stood up for what they believed in and fought for freedom, many have forgotten and/or undermine.  While great women are few in numbers compared to men historically, great Princess and Queens have lead by example, strong, smart and respected.  A trait, seemingly oblivious to some young women today. This and every Sunday during this month, February 2015, we take a moment to look at some of these great women, with hope of empowering even one young, strong black woman.  

CANDACE - EMPRESS OF ETHIOPIA  or Ancient mother Amanirenas (332 B.C.)

Ethiopia pre-dated Egypt, and Egypt was a state of Ethiopia. Due to White and Asian invasions, the blacks lost lower Egypt, and after centuries of occupying upper Egypt the blacks finally lost control of that too and all the possessions there, including the capital Thebes: the eternal city of the blacks. Kings were held to such a high esteem, one was never even allowed to speak to them much less touch them. This left the Queen in the position of power, which is why there are recorded history about women in this period, 332 B.C.

These Queens were smart military tacticians as the blacks then believed in women warriors.  All Queens were strong, big in stature, and always dressed in the finest attire. They were strongly respected and reverenced in their land and throughout the ancient world.

The name Queen Candace actually never existed. Candace was a European name the Romans came up with.  What these women were really called were Kandake meaning: Queen or Mother of the crown prince, or the Queen mother (not Beyonce).  So every Queen of Ethiopia for that period was called Empress Candace, or Empress Kandake.

Amanirenas who was CANDACE or Empress OF ETHIOPIA was blinded in one eye after a battle with the Roman army who invaded the city of Meroe; but this did not stop her by any means. On his world conquering rampage, Alexander the great was trampling through the ancient world and set his eyes on Ethiopia where gold flowed like the sand, and the wealth surpassed any nation. He had set his armies to invade Ethiopia and from there the stories differ.

The wildly accepted view one given by Chancellor Williams who wrote "The Destruction of Black Civilization" is that upon hearing Alexander the great coming CANDACE of Ethiopia, Amanirenas, gathered her black troops, lined them up across the first cataract along with herself and stood on top of two African Elephants on a throne and waited for Alexander to show up. Legend has it that Alexander the "great," could not entertain the possibility of having his world fame and unbroken chain of victories marred by risking a defeat, at last, by a woman. 

Once seeing the black Queen on her Elephants and her black armies along with her,
Alexander the "great" halted his armies at the borders of Ethiopia, the first cataract, and turned back up into Egypt. Once he saw the deadly military tactician in all her glory and her black army with the latest iron weapons, he decided against an invasion and turned around. Alexander the great had come upon one of the greatest generals of the ancient world, the formidable Black Queen of Ethiopia, Amanirenas.

The bible even speaks of the Candaces: Acts 8:27  "And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship, *was returning, and sitting in his chariot read Esaias the prophet. 

Footnote: *Acts 8 vs. 28 
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A New Image Promotions publication in recognition of Black History Month February 2015