Friday, January 16, 2015

Chronixx Outline Alternatives for Social Media in New Video 'Tennement Yard'

Watch Chronixx and Inner Circle's latest video ft. Jacob Miller "Tennement Yard" (News Carrying Dread).  Chronixx offers some alternative to social media; drawing references between now and the 70s, the good ole days when people spent quality time together enjoying and appreciating life (their life).  A time in Jamaica when children played, when dating was private and romantic, when family time involved playing board games and the likes....#Kingston1975.

He who keepeth his mouth keepeth his life....kibba u mouth Outdeh!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bob Marley's 70th - A Global Call to Love/Now More Than Ever

Two live major reggae concerts are planned for Bob Marley's 70th earthday weekend February 6-7.  The 7-hour events will be held at The Mateel in Redway and Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California. 

The events are more than celebrations of Bob Marley's 70th birthday, this is a global call to everyone to make the same commitment as Bob did - to devote our lives to healing this planet through love, forgiveness and justice. In addition to music performed by well-known recording artists - committed messages from well-known and not-so-well-known humanitarians forms part of the presentation.

A Global Call To Love Now More Than Ever is the vision of Robert Roskind and co-host, his daughter Alicia.  Roskind is an event organizer and author who has hosted over 200 such events on Native American Reservations, in maximum-security prisons and Jamaica bringing conscious artists into inner cities schools and communities island-wide.  He also organized large public concerts in Kingston, Jamaica on Bob's 57th through to 59th birthday.  Marley's 60th birthday celebration in Jamaica was funded by the Jamaican government, all of these events were free and involved no corporate, NGO or government funding.

Robert Roskind has authored eleven books that carry a message of love and forgiveness, including Rasta Heart: A Journey into One Love, The Gathering of the Healers; the Healing of the Nations, A Guide for an Awakening Planet, The Beauty Path; A Native American Journey into One Love, In the Spirit of Business and In the Spirit of Marriage

Artists to perform are Luciano, Harrison "The Professor" Stafford of Groundation, Prezident Brown, Admiral Tibet, Kenyatta Hill of Culture, Sister Carol, Reggae Angels and Indubious.  All artists are donating their time and talent as a gift to the world.  The celebration in Redway will be streamed live on and archived for free viewing anytime via a global webcast.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 5 Celebrity Insta Hot Picks

Our Top 5 hot photos shared by of our favourite artistes on Instagram since the start of the new year:-

1. Twinning #cutestuff
And we're off again !!!!!
2. It's cure again....#LifeWeLive
Whenever you see us its always the same. Love and respect

3. Brotherly Love

Me and ma lil bro
4. The doc #tunupbass

Studio session with the @partysquad
5. Oh yes! Soca King



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

See What Beenie Man and Richie Stephens Call 'Madness'

From their first ever collaboration, Dancehall King Beenieman and Richie Stephens have released the music video for their single "Madness" which continues to garner traction on radio stations in Jamaica and North America.  

The music video was shot last November at the Jewels Resort in Portmore, St. Catherine.  A few lucky fans were given the opportunity to participate in shoot, "Beenieman is a true professional who delivered 150% on this project" Stephens gushed.  "I am a very happy man right now and I want to say thanks to God and all those who supported the video project" he continued.

The video release comes just ahead of Stephens upcoming performance at the 2015 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Falmouth, January 29-31.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Huge Crowd Turn Out to See Demarco In Gambia

Huge crowd came out to see Dancehall artiste Demarco in Gambia on his first ever visit to the African country.  A release state the artiste, was greeted with much fanfare after landing and was whisked away to a private location. At a press conference Demarco apologized for unavoidably missing a December 2014 appearance prior to his January 10th engagement and promised fans he would "make it up" when he hit the stage. Following the press conference, Gambian singer Jali Madi- Bul Falleh Nyee escorted Demarco on a tour guide via motorcade throughout Gambia's Capital, the City of Banjul. 

Crowd gathered at the Independence Stadium in Bakau, a town on the Atlantic coast of Gambia to watch several local acts performed along with headliner Demarco who received 'good reception' for popular hits such as, Good Book, Puppy Tail and his popular Gambian hit, Bun Up Party featuring one of Gambia's most famous rapper, Gee.  As for Demarco, "I thoroughly enjoyed myself....what is amazing is how quickly recently released songs Good Book and Puppy Tail have gain popularity here in Gambia....."

On his return to Jamaica, Demarco is expected on set, the filming of a project spearheaded by BBC ahead of preparation for his upcoming UK tour.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Has The 90s Return to Dancehall in Jamaica?

Gully Bop Fan Art
One gets the impression that persons within the Jamaican music industry get nervous when the subject of the now trending Dancehall artiste, "Gully Bop," aka Country Man is discussed, mainly because of his image and frankly because of his age.  But a sad reality about this "Gully Bop" take-over is that the 50 year old has done what many Dancehall fans have been anticipating since the incarceration of Vybz Kartel, and that is, explode on the scene with much flare, controversy and much excitement taking the industry by storm.

Dancehall is.....
Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s and is generally considered to be the direct predecessor of rap.  The music is, in its most basic form, a deejay toasting (or rapping) over a riddim.

Why Is That 90s Vibe Suddenly a Big Thing?
Amidst the excitement what is even more interesting about Gully Bop is his seemingly effortless ability to engage, intrigue and excite young Dancehall fans.  His melodramatic and freestyles, similar to Deejay Ninja Man's and known to dominate the late 80s to early 90s era when the likes of Deejays such as Super Cat, Nicodemus, Junior Demus and Early B and the likes ruled, faced extinction as it was found to be boring among teenagers and young adults. But now the very same style has been re-introduced to the new technological savvy group igniting debates that are favourable to the artiste, his talent and even his unflattering image. 

It is of importance to note that the difference between Ninja Man and Gully Bop's music is lyrics. Gully Bop music is more comical and sexually explicit while the original 'Don Gorgon' Ninja Man maintains his controversial and pro-gun lyrics.  What we see unfolding presently and taking shape is an appreciation of foundation Dancehall style of deejaying by teens be it sexual, happy or comedic content. This writer published an article December 2013 with headline Let The 90s Be Your Guide urging everyone and anyone who cares to listen to look to the 90s to resuscitate the Dancehall genre.  After all, this trait is working for reggae artistes such as The Marley, Chronixx, protege and the likes so why would it not work for Dancehall artistes.

What Goes Around, Comes Back Around
You see, the more things change, the more it remain the same.  Like fashion, styles and trends all come back around after several years.  We see Pop and R and B artistes like Rihanna and Chris Brown re-inventing themselves by unearthing styles originated by former superstars like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Munroe to their advantage.  So it was just a matter of time, that someone who either understood these patterns and know how to use them best or in the case of Gully Bop simply, rise genuinely oblivious to present day deejay styles with an inborn 80s/90s concept of how one should deejay. Many artistes are left astonished but the fans continue to enjoy Gully Bop's jokes first while admit he's got talent. Ninja Man held and kept his image and style alive and is without doubt known to the young fans but it is safe to say Gully Bop got them interested.

Though there are a wide variety of artistes and sub-genres present in the dancehall arena, "slack lyrics" - with R to X-rated content have been found to be more popular than pro-gun lyrics. Several dancehall deejays have achieved international recognition and popularity singing "slack lyrics", particularly Vybz Kartel, Shabba Ranks, Lady Saw and Patra to name a few.  

The 90s is Dancehall
Dancehall needed a turning point and that turning point was going back to its roots.
A dancehall artiste live show must be entertaining
Many have tried unsuccessfully but here comes a 50 year old deejay doing it. He may not have the stamina but he sure got skills and the fact that he is delivering on his recordings. 
This melodramatic and freestyle of deejaying is more effective for Dancehall in general. It helps cultivate unique homemade riddims, it brings back the Jamaican deejay identity and is way more entertaining working with a band at live performances.  

By: Sophia McKay