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She did it! Lady Saw got baptized after watching J. Capri laid to rest

I have been at a lost for words, speechless, over the past few days/weeks after receiving news of 23 year old artiste J. Capri's passing. I never knew her personally but as a mother, processing the fact that she died at such a young age, vibrant, talented and popular, under such tragic circumstance was indeed astonishing.  Now there is a flip side to all of this which I don't think anyone saw coming. Who would have taught Lady Saw would waste no time starting a new chapter in her life? This move is yet another defining moment in Dancehall.  
R.I.P. J. Capri December 24, 1991 - December 4, 2015

As reported in Jamaica Observer, Dancehall artiste Lady Saw got baptized, December 14, 2015, in a private service in Kingston, after attending the funeral service for the late Jordan 'J. Capri' Phillips earlier in the day. "The Lord has been speaking to me for years and I have been dodging him" Lady Saw testified and further confessed, "God spoke to me again and I said to myself I want to be a servant" while at the funeral.

The 43 year old deejay shocked fans and the music fraternity today when she announced on Instagram that she will be cancelling all her dancehall events.  One promoter told NIPnews she was waiting to hear from Lady Saw's team as the news is not only shocking but a 'major blow.' However, the promoter who asked to remain anonymous and had a booking with Saw in January said, "I respect her decision and wish her all the best." Fans posted some of Saw's most x-rated lyrics on social media with #LadySaw, some fuss about her making such announcement before, while others wish her all the best.